Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Movies Movies Movies

So lately I have been back to the movies - woo hoo! Lots. Well ok, not quite the 3 times a week of old (for 'old' see 'pre-sproglet')- but once a week - and that is damn near miraculous for me. I've squeezed in 'Twilight'(is it wrong to be in love with a 17 year old vampire?) 'The Reader' 'Milk' 'The Wrestler' and er.. 'Madagascar 2' (with Sproglet). I can honestly say that going to the movies makes me a nicer person. It does. I think what has spurred me into movie action isn't just the plethora of oscar-bound great films that are on our screens at the mo - but the fact I have found a comfy clean Vue cinema nearby (not like the skanky grimy one in a skanky grimy neighbourhood town). When I dashed in and threw myself into the front row and the lights went down - I felt like I'd come home.

For two hours I don't have to think about shopping lists, potty training (when to start?), the fact my son has taken to flashing his bits at nursery, will my husband ever remember to take out the rubbish, did I unload the washing machine bladdy bladdy blah... I can immerse myself in another world (as long as the damn script is up to scratch) and relllllaxxxxxxxxx. Bliss. On a good evening I'll come out chilled, inspired, uplifted and entertained. On a bad one I'll want to take the staff aside and demand a refund. Recently I went so see some godawful Meg Ryan load of tosh - a chick flick that put the ick in chick - and after 15 mins I'd had enough. I strode out and begged the spotty attendant that I could change screens as 'I don't get out that much - and trust me life is too short for such drivel.' I think I saw a mediocre horror instead - an upgrade I assure you.

Pre-Sproglet husband and I were movie junkies - our favourite Sundays were a double bill and the papers punctuated with Starbucks and a pad thai - and if I am honest one of the hardest things about becoming a parent has been the fact I just can't dash out on a Friday to catch that weekend's opening release, instead having to make a military style plan to get anywhere near a cinema.

For me watching a film on DVD just doesn't cut it. Where is the fabulous surround sound, the picture engulfing you - the theatrics of the whole cinema experience. Plus I like to be able to weep with no one watching. I almost lost an eyeball in 'The Changling' and was relieved no one could see my tear and mascara stained blotchy face. (Child murder? Unbearable to watch at any time - but once a parent - downright impossible).

This weekend is my dear cousin's wedding. I am bridesmaid. Bless her - she has always wanted to walk up the aisle and has met the loveliest man. She couldn't be happier. It will be an amazing weekend. But 'Revolutionary Road' opens, I still haven't seen 'Slumdog Millionaire' and I have a hankering for a bit of slasher 3D in 'My Bloody Valentine....'

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