Saturday, 18 July 2009


God it is great to feel myself again. By that I mean, to be in rude health after a week of sloth due to having a thorough dose of swine flu. Well, unconfirmed but presumed swine flu. The docs no longer come out and swab test you,, they speak to you over the blower and say 'yep, sounds like swine flu, all flus are now being treated as such - rest up, lots of fluid and can you get a flu buddy to get your prescription of Tamiflu.' A flu buddy? Who the fuck wants to be mates with anyone dripping in snot with temperatures of 39+ ??

Husband was not happy at all in having to cope with all things Sproglet - until his work told him not to come in for the week and then he became the happiest camper in the land. I lay in bed and sweated, froze, coughed, hacked and ached. It wasn't pretty. Day 4 and I finally dressed. There are only so many slasher horrors and cheap soaps that one can consume.

The hardest part was doing nothing and just allowing myself to be sick. I never do nothing. I am always working, reading, writing, cooking, washing, tidying, cleaning, sorting, buying, etc. To just lie there and not do anything was so difficult. I felt guilty about being ill... Odd not to be at work and yet not on holiday. I can't remember the last time I just vegged without thinking 'I should be doing a wash, writing something, sorting out the cupboards, Sproglet's wardrobe or the like. My protestant work ethic clearly burns strong - I had to log in to my work email for fear that something was going on - gasp - without me!

Also, I had to hibernate indoors - isolate myself from the world. Indoors for 7 days - my god, I was bouncing off the walls. Ready to kill Husband for just breathing. I'm back to work on Monday - I can't wait. Sproglet kept crying at bedtime and asking for me, wondering why the hell Daddy was suddenly in charge. Clearly, something was amiss.

Well I'm back. Husband is relegated to deputy. All is now well at chez CrummyMummy. I've had the dreaded lurgy and I beat it.

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