Saturday, 12 December 2009

Prangs for the memories

Another prang in my car. Jaysus - maybe I shouldn't be on goddamn roads. All truth be told I am not one of the world's greatest drivers - Jenson Button I aint. However, the snow crash car write off wasn't my fault - that was the weather. The pesky snow and slippery invisible ice. The scratch to my neighbour's car the very day I moved house and acquired my aunt's old car (in fact the very moment I put the keys in for the first time and pulled out and misjudged the fecking space.... scrrrrattttcchh) it wasn't my fault either. I'd owned the car for all of about 5 seconds, so that was an 'initiation' scratch.

Today my head was bursting with stuff to do and no time to do it in and all the nonsense that spins in my brain and I had put the sat nav up and was trying to get out of a park on a sharp nasty corner bend. I was taking my sweet ass time as I didn't want some boy racer speeding down west end lane, careering into me as I pulled out. I waited. The cars flew past, a flurry of headlights - then I moved off. Missing completely the woman coming from a street across the road on my right. She had pulled out, I pulled out - she had been in my blind spot and so guess what, yep, I hit her.

I've sustained only car scratches - I can live with them. She has a dent/scratch combo. She thinks she might need a new door. I think I need a new head. I'm so angry at myself for being so hasty and for not seeing her. My insurance is already sky high.

Husband and I work hard, he earns a good wage, I earn a pittance for the weight of work I do. Yet we never get a goddamn break - it is always something to pay - boiler, nursery fees, a dryer, you name it - and now a fleeting moment is likely to cost me £500 or maybe much more.

With Christmas round the corner like an expensive smear test I can't fucking avoid but boy I wish I could, I need this crash like the proverbial hole in my head.

Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhh. Maybe I need refresher lessons?

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Monica said...

Sorry about the car. But, new Sproglet pic, yay!