Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Minus one

I lost a follower today. What does that mean? Did my last post about internet dating offend? I need another follower. You see then there are 50 of y'all who tune in and that is nice round number. So if you know someone who wants to be a following the musings of a demented, conflicted, excitable mother of two, then please, spread the word. I can't offer any great prize, or words of wisdom - but it'll make my day. It will. In a day that has seen me wander round a supermarket carpark convinced my motor had been stolen when in fact it was there all along - I am just a loon; a day when I bought my Dad a Father's Day card, even though I sent him a letter last week and he hasn't called/responded at all; (Maybe that is it for him and I... who knows? I feel better that I wrote it though - and that is the main thing); a day when I had to step away from my Nespresso machine after too much cawfee and froth; a day when I bought untold amounts of junk for the sin that is 'party bags' (just on that subject - kids, you come to a party, you get entertained, fed all sorts of lovely stuff, run around like crazy, get balloons and cakes and prizes and then at the end you expect a gift - just for coming to get all that fun??? Party bags - there in one item is everything that is wrong with the world, I tell you) and cake and candles - as this weekend is Sproglet's 5th b'day and we are taking 9 kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2 IN 3D. Oh yes. The 3D part cost us an extra few quid per kid. For some paper glasses and a fat panda bouncing out at us...; a day in which I watched an ep of In Treatment (so brilliant - if you haven't seen it - buy that box set and enjoy, what writing... what writing...) while I folded an entire chinese laundry's worth of clothing; a day pretty much like any other.

Apart from losing a follower that is.


jkelsofarrell said...

The glasses aren't paper anymore! They're like sunglasses. But still a bit of ripoff.

Brittanymum said...

there you go darling! ya got your 50!! (I follow it religiously anyway, just wasnt signed up!! :))

A said...

Happy 5th Birthday Sproglet!