Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hello to 2012

So farewell to 2011.

A lot of folk I know won't be sad to see the back of such a difficult year. I only know of a handful of folk who have found this year to be a vintage one - the rest of us muddled through and tried desperately to economise and keep the wolf from the door - I for one am delighted to welcome in 2012 and wave a hasty goodbye to 2011. Not that anything bad happened - and it was great to spend time with my kids in years I'll never get back - but I struggled within myself, worried about how to juggle the whole 'me' thing - and still be a great Mother. I'm intending to give myself a break next year - I'm the best Mother I can be - and that is good enough. Now it is time to get the 'me' back... Let's see what happens.

I have a really good feeling about next year, tomorrow. No idea why - not basing it on anything in particular. Just a feeling of 'out with the old and in with the new' and welcoming what is to come. I feel excited, this year has potential.

My resolutions - or rather, my hopes for the year:

1. To run a 10k in the spring. Maybe late spring. But some time this year. Hopefully not to injure my ankle in the process. God that is a lot of red faced sweating and huffing and puffing. BRING IT ON!

2. To enjoy the moment more, to worry less about what is happening next and just go with the flow - I am exactly where I am meant to be right now - and I'm happy with that.

3. To not care what anyone else thinks. And anyone who judges me - to eradicate them from my life.

That is all, pretty much. My aim with the whole running malarkey is because I remember how damn good my lungs felt when I pounded along the canal, all the blood rushing around my body. My circulation has always been that of a 90 year old woman - Husband complains nightly of my ice like feet clamped against his legs for warmth. So it is time to DRINK MORE WATER - (have been swearing that for the last ten years at least) and get the blood rushing around. I know I'll be starting from scratch again - but it is amazing how quickly the body responds to exercise.

Maybe this coming year I'll sort out once and for all job wise what I want to do... I know what I DON'T want to do - so that is a start. I've got itchy feet that's for sure. Husband and I are talking about how many years we have left in this house... I really feel ready for change - which is something I normally fear.

So to you all - I hope you have a swell new year's eve (hate the day if I am honest - all that need to have a great time - why?) and a brilliant 2012. Let's hope it is memorable, for all the right reasons.

And to all you lovely commenters and regular readers - thanks for sharing. Keep on sharing!

Love Suzanne (CM) x


Laura said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post as your resolutions are pretty much what I am going to set for myself!

Went for my first run yesterday (thought I'd start early so as not to put too much pressure on myself) and I only managed to run for 9 minutes!!! Then had a little stop at the local deli and brought home sandwiches for the family, oopps! Think I need a different route next time.

I'm using run keeper so hopefully come the end of the year I can look back at that abysmal attempt and proudly announce that I can run 10 miles without feeling like my lungs are about to explode.

Wishing you the very best of luck. I've added your blog to my list so that I can keep up to date with your progress.

A said...

Happy New Year S.
Hope 2012 is special for you x

brittanymum said...

I've been pretty much running the same resolutions on my fb page the last couple of days! seems 2011 was pretty crappy for most of us - so heres to a 2012 filled with peace love happiness and joy! have a good one babe! Pam x

Keenie Beanie said...

Happy New Year to you CM! It's been lovely to read that you seem to be leaning back into life and embracing it as it comes. All the best for you in 2012.

2012 is going to be huge - I'm moving to the UK to take up a job in Egham. Two weeks from tomorrow we're on a plane to the new life, and although I am a basket case that is prone to bouts of tears at the moment due to the stress of the move, we're pleased to see the back of 2011 and say to 2012, "Bring it!"

Crummy Mummy said...

Keenie Beenie - welcome to the UK -how flippin' exciting! If you want an advice about the place - swing me an email. Good luck to you hun xx