Monday, 27 February 2012

Who nose??

So, there has been something troubling me of late. Not you know, keeping me up all night or even causing me to frown - but just simmering with a quiet 'is it just me, or does anyone else think XYZ has had a nose job???' Folk have popped up here and there with their perfect schnozzles and then I've seen a pic of them several years back and I'm like - 'they look a tad different, what could it be....?' Hmmmmm.

So let's just take a wee lookie.

Posh before:

Posh after:

And just incase this doesn't convince how - how about:

And Dannii Minogue - well we all remember her as Emma on 'Home and Away' with her thick thighs and huge honk - but now... well it is much more purdey:

Now for the record, I like a good nose. I also don't mind a thick thigh, or a flat chest. If a woman feels good, then rock on her. What I can't stand is those who lie - who pretend that they never had surgery, or they never would. I mean, why not be honest? It would make us all feel a helluva lot better about ourselves knowing that most slebs have had knives hacking at them in order to look so fabulous. NOT that any of the celebs on this page have definitely had surgery on their faces, or indeed bodies. I am merely wondering....

Let us continue with an A lister:

And now:

Perhaps without the nose work she wouldn't have been so 'get a load of me' at the Oscar's last night. Man that was nauseating. Having been a fan, I just could not believe a woman stood there posing so much and for so long - no wonder she was as wooden as stick reading that autocue. Jaysus, as we say in Belfast, 'if she had been a chocolate bar she'd a' had herself ate!' Hun, you get to shag Brad - you don't need to cock a leg like a dog needing a piss, and do the whole sexy come hither voice thing, replete with pout - you already won the golden ticket!! Thank god for the Descendants writer Jim Rash (unfortunate name...) who took the piss out of her when he collected his Oscar.

Moving on:

I knew that Blake Lively was different - but now I know how:

Even one plastic surgeon has gone on record to say he believes Gwynnie got in on the action early in her career:

And it aint just the ladeez:

On the web there are pics of Avril Lavigne, Halle Berry, Ashlee Simpson, J-Lo and many others all with before and after shots and docs explaining how the (alleged) surgery they had was good - because 'they did not take a standard, boilerplate nose and stick in on her/his face. They worked with what she/he had originally and what resulted was a refined, natural-looking nose that fits her/his face.'

Maybe these folk were advised by agents and producers to have the work done - if indeed they even have had work done (gotta cover myself I know). If that is ever the case - it is a sad old world were folk feel they need to go under the knife just to get record deals or secure film roles etc.

Now I'm off to study my own honk in the mirror - have I been going wrong all these years???


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I giggled and giggled and nearly burst when I got down to Gwyneth!

jkelsofarrell said...

Posh is so plastic, she's a Barbie doll. But her nose was one of the better decisions she made. And tethering the marketable if not mediocre Beckham to her via 4 kids.

Seriously, I'm not a David Beckham fan. Never have been. I've always felt he was grossly overrated as a football player and owes his fame to his Spice Lad image (stolen from the much hotter Jamie Redknapp).