Monday, 23 July 2012


Last week I worked like a Trojan to the point I almost thought I was losing my mind - trying to remember everything for work and at the same time be supportive wife to a depressed Husband (still job hunting god bless him) and a FUN mother to a teething nightmare and an exhausted end of term 6 year old. By Friday I felt on the verge... then I got my period. The period from HELL. It comes about once a year and wipes me out on every level - physically and mentally - and I eat like a horse. What is that about? Anyway, Husband says I am just a joy to live during this wipe out period. All I want to do is sit in a dark room and just ride it out.

So last night Husband and I went to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Once I got into my seat - (even though it was 3 rows from the screen - Husband's late booking) and the lights went down, I felt totally relaxed. I slouched into my chair - it was, just like Christopher Nolan described -  home. The cinema is my sanctuary - the place I always escape to when I feel low, or scared, or not in the mood to face the world. I went to the movies as soon as my Grandmother's funeral ended, on a rainy cold Boxing Day in 1998. I just wanted a few hours where I could hide from my grief. A time when I didn't have to think. It is also a place I run to when I'm happy, when I'm excited about a movie, when I get some quality time with Husband, where I try and educate my son. It is quite simply, my favourite way to spend time on my own.

As I sat there last night, gripped by the amazing film - as it is truly brilliant - I suddenly thought of those poor people in Colorado - who like me, were sitting in their safe comfy chair, excited at what delights Nolan and co had in store for us. I thought of how confused they must have been,  disorientated to suddenly find themselves running for their lives - in a real life horror that they could never have imagined.

Who thinks up such a scheme, such a warped and brutal plan? Such a cowardly mission - to attack those unarmed and vulnerable - in their safe haven. But I don't want to give fuel/head space to such an inhuman being. Instead I'm wondering how much blood will be spilt before America reviews it's gun policy? This is far from the first time some nut job has gathered up an arsenal of weapons and taken aim at the innocent... Columbine, Virginia Tech - the list sadly goes on. What will it take for a President to stand up and discount the second amendment? We all know that the Republican party is in the pocket of Washington's powerful gun lobby, led by the fanatical National Rifle Association. But the Democrats seem to believe that the thorny issue of gun laws only leads to their downfall at the ballot box - and so no one is willing to support gun restrictions in an electoral year. 

What are they waiting for, as they cling to some historical law that has no place in modern life - when a simple night out, in recession times when a movie ticket it a treat, leaves folk dead? I just cannot get my head around it. In my mind there is nothing to debate. The second amendment is obsolete and gun control needs to be implemented immediately.

So the front three rows remained unsold. A fear rippled across the pond - a fear to step into the dark quiet coolness and be entertained for several blissful hours. Shame on that man, for desecrating something so holy, so sacred to so many.

And shame on anyone who supports the right to bear arms.

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