Monday, 19 August 2013

Could you do me a wee favour?

Thank you.

I'm needing some clicks over at my Babble gig... So, below are a few articles I've written and I'd be BEYOND grateful if you'd click on over, look at the slideshows and help me achieve my monthly target! Feel free to link on, share on facebook, tweet and all that other social media gubbins that you can do.

My favourite post of the month...


So here's all the goss from Madonna's 55th b'day party! Love that wig Madge...

Do you know about the wonderful Post Secret? And 8 other celeb secrets? Shhhhhhhh.....

Dawson's Creek stars - then and Now!

Do you want an arse as pert as Pippa Middleton's? The secret is all in good underwear. Apparently. Oh and doing a LOT of yoga.


Drew Barrymore wants another baby - but what is wrong with having an only?

Here are (arguably) 10 Brit celebs you should have on your radar. Ok, some are questionable, but bear with me...

Who wants a great Husband? Here are 10 beauties

Want your very own Ryan Gosling? Me too! This is the Best. Gift. Ever.

Stop women judging women about whether or not they have kids! Where I get all cross about this topic. I huff and puff and say some interesting stuff. (I hope).

We Brits come up with one or two great Tv shows. Ones that the US should certainly steal... (They usually do...)


As we all know, celebs like to date only celebs. Especially Rock Stars....

Wacky wedding gifts. It can only be what the celebs asked for/received. Loo rolls anyone?


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BON VOYAGE said...

Wow. Your blog is awesome. I really, really enjoy your delicious humor. Brilliant.