Tuesday, 25 February 2014

10 things

Back in Jan 2013 I had all these great plans of every day coming up with a list of ten things I was grateful for - in a bid to appreciate my life more, instead of comparing it endlessly to others' and feeling cheated/jealous/frustrated. Comparing your life to anyone else's is utterly pointless anyway - as futile as envy itself. Anyway, I would tell my workmate and nicest man in the world (TM) DG about my gratefulness and he would humour me and nod along encouragingly. (DG really deserves this title by the way; another friend T says she judges all men by DG's moral code. If a man she knows does something [good or bad or in between the two] her question is always - 'but would DG do that?' From there, the answer is always clear). Anyway, daily I would tell DG my list. Somewhere it petered off...

So, without going all new agey and freaky on y'all - I just want to share what is making me happy round these parts of late. Because I am really feeling pretty good - and as my blog is usually filled with woe and stress, I just wanna take a moment when life aint too bad at all.

1. True Detective has started. Don't think I need to extrapolate any further. The cinematography alone is worth watching for. The stunning dusky shades that paint each scene are truly beautiful. I now have 6 weeks of Saturday Night TV worth watching - hurrah! (Which has been vacant since The Bridge 2 ended).

2. A lovely lovely writer sent me a Smythson notebook. I had missed the post when it was delivered, so my best mate had helpfully picked up my parcel from the post office miles away and dropped it to me on Sunday. As I unwrapped it, I kept thinking, 'but I didn't order anything...'  Then I opened it. Unexpected gifts, of such thought - in such beautiful packaging, make my day. In truth, forget flowers and perfume and all that romantic bollocks - give me a lovely bit of stationary and I'm in heaven.

3. I feel WAAAAAY less stressed. There isn't so much panic and urgency any more and I can actually breathe. It feels positively decadent. I'm not trying to pack a world of chores into a day. So what if the dishwasher needs unloading - I'll do it later, I've got time. I'm less frantic, less on edge. I am verging on chilled. Ok, I'll never be chilled. But you know, I'm knocking on the door of relaxed.

4. Plus, most of all, I'm really digging hanging out with my kids. A thought struck me the other day as my son (Sproglet) asked for 'privacy' as he got dressed: I have only 10 more years and you will leave me. It made my blood run cold. He is 8 this June - and if heads off to Uni or travelling or whatever when he is 18 that is only 10 years away. IT FREAKED ME OUT. It made me want to hold him tight and never let him go. Sproglette meanwhile, is hilarious. She NEVER stops talking. Dear god, she is so like her father...Meanwhile she refuses to wear her trousers/leggings (the kid won't go near a skirt or dress) in the normal way - she pulls the legs up to her knees so life is constant pedal pusher/cigarette pant. WHY? I have no idea - her idea of fashion. Aged 3.

Anyway, if we're hanging out getting cake; taking in a movie, laughing at Modern Family, trying out new recipes (last nights curry was winner - as long as I lose the lentils. Lentils are a NO NO according to my mini Jay Raynors) or discussing the merits of Prince - it is a blast. Maybe it's their ages, maybe it is because they now play with each other (Deborah Sathe you were RIGHT!) or maybe because I have less on my plate - I have more time for them and as mundane as it can be when I am thinking what the feck do I cook for dinner tonight - I really am pleased to have this time with them. It won't last forever....

5. A small MAJOR thing happened: Husband is changing jobs. Not just jobs - but industries. So blogs like this, they won't exist any more! YAY! He will have 9-6 hours and no weekends working. It all happened last week and it will change our lives. He is thrilled. Apart from the fact he'll be taking the car to work and I will be stranded in small villagey town all day - it is amazing. It feels like new beginnings and with new beginnings, there is always lots and lots of hope.

6. In having more of this precious thing - time - I've been able to see people again. I mean, I'll be broke in a couple of weeks and won't afford to do anything - plus I'll be car-less, but no matter. Whether it's having friends for dinner, or hanging out with our fab neighbours, or having coffee with buddies I haven't seen in ages - I'm liking the ability to catch up with people. Time flies by and we often forget to see folk and then months have gone by...

7. I have time to write. Or at least get my head in gear about it all and begin structuring stuff... and I have no idea where it will all lead - I don't care. For a few months I'm going not beat myself up - and just see where it all takes me. I am so fed up of feeling that I HAVE to achieve this and this and this that I exhaust myself. ENOUGH.

8. Have you tried this? Dear god it is sex in clear wrapping. My local Carluccio's has run out of it. Apparently it is for Valentine's only. My campaign starts now - get this thing in stores EVERY WEEK. You will love it. Unless you have a nut allergy and then you most certainly will not love it.

9. February is nearly over - thank god. Which means Spring will soon have sph-rung and life will be much better. Plus I am off to gay Paris for Easter with 2 dear friends. Having that to look forward to is ace. Sproglet is beyond excited about seeing the Eiffel Tower - and I've only been to Paris twice, both times for work - so to go for a trip... cannot wait.

10. Okay this grateful thing is getting tough now... 10... 10... Er... Oh yes, Kung Fu Panda. Yep, there are some amazing life lessons in there, trust me. Kids' movies rock. Anyway Po, our protagonist and unlikely Dragon Warrior, opens the sacred scroll that holds the secrets of all Kung Fu... It has NEVER been opened before and when he does he discovers .... it is blank. But reflective - the idea being, you have all you need already. Last week, I had a Po moment myself. It was raining, cold and wet and the whole family had ventured to a local restaurant for dinner: Sproglette refusing to take off her shades - even though it was dark outside... Sproglet busy colouring up a storm... Husband pouring me some red wine, toasting his new job. It might not be perfect and there are always money worries and the garden needs done and the front door window pane is still broken... But it pretty great and I just have to remind myself of that.



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