Saturday, 28 June 2014

Still here...

I haven't blogged much of late. Not for any ominous reasons - just haven't felt like it. There is always something more pressing to be done - or I've kind of felt like blogging about something inane, or just a two minute rant, nothing that particularly tickled my fancy. You know those kind of months that just slide on past you - and there is nothing really worthy of note, nothing major to go - oh yes, that was mega/exciting/insightful/insane - I MUST blog about that. Mind you since Prince, nothing could quite be as exciting as that... *sighs*

And yet. Great things happened - all in the little moments. Like:

1. Husband and Sproglet bonded over world cup games (as an aside - wasn't that Brazil v Chile match insanely good tonight?) and Sproglet was BEYOND excited to stay up and watch England's second game. He watched the first part at our mate Dave's house - along with Dave's older son who is Sproglet's age. Sproglet used his birthday money to buy them gifts (unbeknownst to me - on Dad's watch) of football stickers and a slinky - later telling me that 'it is nice to give give things to people.' Bless him. He also stressed when he discovered another kid was having a birthday party on the same day as his - worried when he heard that out of 4 kids invited to both parties, 3 were coming to his. He didn't want the other kid to feel bad. My son amazes me all the time - and before you think I am up my own arse about how great my kid is - remember I also have Sproglette, who doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks and decrees the world should jump to her tune - so trust me, it aint down to my parenting skills, that my son is such a nice kid. The Diva (as I also call her) complained that 'you serve corn every day for dinner. I have had enough.' (Not true). She also stood naked at the top of the stairs when a little boy she loved left after a play date - sobbing and begging him to 'come in the bath pleeeassseeee, or have a sleepover in my bed.' Her technique with boys has GOT to change...

2. Husband and I had a couple of epic rows and then he got his hair cut and I kind of swooned a bit. He is still quite cute in a certain light. Marriage is so freakin' tough - and I wish more folk talked about it and admitted how they'd love to be 21 again at a bad disco kissing some hot boy who they met 5 minutes ago, downing shots - but at the same time, don't want to be anywhere else.

3. Something I was working on wasn't working - so, after fretting a bit -  I threw it to one side and began something else, which is nearly completed! I sent it to a couple of people whose opinions I value and trust - and who I knew wouldn't dress it all up in cotton wool - they'd lay it on the table straight... Taking the time to read my work, be supportive and to be encouraging (and complimentary thank the lord) - really made my month. That, along with a few other moments made me realise - again - that giving people your time is the best thing you can give them. Which is also why, I'm only giving it to people who add value to my life. Life is too freakin' short.

4. I found a red lipstick that works after all. By Nars - called Cruella. Fabulous. I also got a woman to bleach me into next week - I am BLONDER than ever. I love it.

5. Told you it wasn't exciting stuff - why are you still reading? Although today I read a fab interview with Ethan Hawk who had struggled in his career with the fact he had/has the ability to do commercial work - that more people saw The Purge (some dire horror) on the opening night than would have seen the entire Before trilogy (which I loved). But the artistic stuff never pays the child support. He clearly has wrestled between fulfilling his artistic desires or paying the mortgage. He envied Brad Pitt being able to do a Malick film - and everyone paying to see it - i.e. that Pitt can do artistic films that DO make money... It interested me no end because one never images Hollywood stars (though I think Hawke would loathe being called that) struggling in any way... He also said he thought he'd hit a 'magical place' at 23 or 28 - when you find yourself - but instead it has been a slog and he said he felt like 'a cat, I keep having to survive and land on my feet.' It oddly made me feel less alone.

6. Babble axed 50% of their writers, but kept me on. They are focusing on less quantity and more quality - which thrills me. Hoo-rah. Blogging is a joy - when you have something to say...

7. I realised that I love cake and food and wine and life too much to ever seriously diet. Plus every woman (bar one) that I know, who lost drastic amounts of weight - immediately looked about 10 years older facially. If I have to chose between my face or belly - I go face - and the plus side is I get to eat cake too. I've started running more to try and balance this out - it de-stresses me - but the first 15 minutes are worse than having a smear test. Really.

8. The constructed reality show I've been working on is about to end - and I'm sad as it has been hilarious - more fun than I ever imaged, to do. It has also made me insanely grateful to NOT be in that era where you are seeing someone but it isn't 'exclusive' and 'he says he doesn't want a relationship and I don't want a relationship either... but we are sleeping together and I think he really likes me so what does that mean' bollox. Just a minefield. How do folk date?

9. Nothing in the world is better than a cold beer and salt and vinegar kettle chips at the end of a long day. Nothing.

10. Jack Thorne's 'Let the Right One In' is nothing short of amazing. Go see. Better and funnier than the original film.

See, nothing major, nothing of note. I promise not to blog again until I have something vaguely interesting to say.


Anonymous said...

I love you!❤

Courtney said...

well, I enjoyed reading this immensely, even if you didn't have a "theme" perse. Your blog is always an enjoyable read and almost always useful, sometimes in small ways (lipstick recommendations) or big ways (marital insights).