Saturday, 12 July 2014

Babbling away

Hello there, fine reader.

Someone tweeted me, saying they are missing my writing. Thing is - I am writing. Just not here. but I am writing over there at Babble - and loving every minute of it. Cos you see Babble have changed their remit - and instead of whacking up some pics of a star and a blurb about their toned bod, they are interested in a bit of debate and opinion and all that jazz. Right up CM's street!

So far, I've asked if Robin Thicke deserved all the abuse he got on twitter (it was hilarious abuse mainly),  if the ultimate celebrity sin is being fat? (Apparently so). How I wish Bert and Ernie were gay... and how we could all be putting down our daughters without even really realising it... (The Bert and Ernie one will be live on Monday). Still to come, a TV show where folk meet for the first time at the altar (YES really - only in America) and whether or not we should take the blame for our kids' happiness/unhappiness in later life. Who knows the answers to all these questions - I just like trying to work it all out...

Plus, I've been working on some of my own stuff for other projects I am grafting away at... So I haven't been slacking in the whole 18 hours a week I am child free.

The school summer hols are almost upon me, so I will probably be blogging more then, out of stress and angst and hating British summers... and being with my kids 24/7... Blogging, or maybe drinking. Or both.

I'm feeling particularly chilled today as I had some fab acupuncture. It was ace - apart from the moment where she jabbed the needle in my palm and an electric shock flew across my hand and down my ring finger. I looked at the woman like she had tried to kill me. Unblocked energy moving around apparently. Just in quite a violent way... The sun is shining and I'm feelin' pretty chipper with the world. This year has been a year of change - good ones: Husband's new job, my new way of living/working. While I may not be makin' millions, I am feeling a lot less stressed. Maybe that's why I've blogged less - blogging usually being borne out of my terror/stress/anxiety/fear etc. I'm in a better place, better mindset than I was at the start of the year.

This week past, I had a Mum's event to go to - and at a Mum's house. In the past I dreaded things like that - being not a very confident Mother (whatever that means). Plus, at those things you can't just get hammered to get through them, or cut up the dance floor, or flirt with the barman. You have to go and be polite and not say the C word and all that stuff. I surprised myself by having a ball. One woman, a make-up artist, was demonstrating techniques on another mum - getting a make-up makeover. It reminded me of my days as a kids' tv presenter - when I spent every morning in a the make-up chair -  the days I spent idling away several hours in Mac looking at glittery eyeshadows. As we chatted over wine, so spilled forth a few stories. One Mum turned to me and said, 'You've lived haven't you?'

It reminded me of that old cliche - life aint a sprint - it's a marathon. And, whilst occasionally I run out of juice, and maybe my trainers are too old and tight - the one thing I know, is that I have had a blast along the way. So, as I looked out across this woman's fab garden - 10 times the size of mine, with vegetable patch and decking and a driveway to boot, I swallowed back my house envy and toasted my own life instead. I wouldn't swap it for the world.

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