Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Birthday to me

So I turn 30....something tomorrow. Something that is nearer 40 than 30. Something that feels very remote and grown up and absolutely nowhere near my mental/emotional age whatsoever. Do I have to be it? If I don't look it, act it or want it? I am going to be 33 - again. Even that feels odd. Better move on quickly before I slit my wrists. Young looking wrists though they are...

How was your Easter? I took a bunch of girls to my fav restaurant ( Yauatcha for tasty dim sum and glorious cakes on Saturday. The place is exquisite to look at, never mind the food. All sirene blue fish tanks and women in pristine aprons bringing you mellowing teas and delicate flowery cocktails. An array of cakes that are modern works of art and almost (but not quite) a shame to eat. I love it!!

It was Easter - most folks were away - so there was an eclectic mix of mates, who had never met before. Recipe for disaster possibly - which turned into a rip-roaring success! Hurrah! You know those moments where amusing anecdotes flow into each other until everyone is crying with laughter? Being only 6 of us there was only ever one conversation going on at the table - everyone contributing. I had one of the best afternoons I have had in ages... No one made a move to leave until we realised we were meant to leave the table an hour before... I came home to Husband cooking up a storm for some friends - we had duck and roasted root vegetables and champagne and a fabulous b'day cake. The bunny cake - again! Not that I was complaining. My best friend Esther bought it thinking it was very 'me' - and I explained that I had already chowed down on the very same cake for most of the week. Yes, it was very me. About the 6 inches of me that have grown on my waist because of it. She gave me Mac's Hello Kitty lip gloss - because I may be hideosly old - but the inner child still loves her pretty kitty gloss.

So although official b'day is tomorrow - it feels like it has been and gone. I'm sending Husband to my acupuncturist this week - which is putting him in the safest hands he has ever been in since 32 years ago when a midwife cut the cord. That is my b'day gift to him - and therefore us. In return he is taking me for some champagne and fine grub (if I can ever get into any dresses post bunny cakes 1 & 2). Sproglet thinks it is in fact his b'day tomorrow - partly because he has his body weight - or rather - my body weight in chocolate to chomp through thanks to friends' generosity. Thank god Easter - and birthdays - only come but once a year.

Now what shall I wish for??

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