Saturday, 18 April 2009

Just brilliant

Sproglet came home from nursery wearing a sticker the other day. It said 'I am brilliant.' It was a simple unapologetic fact. He wore it with no trace of embarrassment - well, he is almost 3, and is content to proclaim his sheer wonderfulness.

The next day he wore another one with pride: 'I am growing up.' No bones about it - Sproglet knew what was what and he wasn't afraid to let the world know it. I coveted both stickers, particularly the Brilliant one. If only I could wear such cheery badges and believe them completely. What a confidence booster eh? Being able to look folk in the eye the minute they clock said statement sticker and look questioningly as if to say, 'really?' Puff that chest out, tilt your chin at an angle and give a quick nod of the head - yep, I rock.

Along with his excellent tidying skills and sincere empathy - over the past week or so Sproglet has shown off his ability to count to ten, speak continually without breath and to boss everyone around to within an inch of their lives. That's a hell of a learning curve for a week. Frequently I find myself staring at his handsome grinning little face and wondering when did he suddenly evolve into this energetic, most boyish of wee boys?

His random acts of love are by far my favourite moments - when he will suddenly clamber onto my knee and kiss me with such urgency I am almost knocked sideways; or when he rubs noses and giggles at the silliness of it all.

An article in today's Times suggests that it has been proven that having children doesn't make one any happier. In fact the year prior to having kids is the best in a couples' relationship. Who writes this stuff? Yes, parenting is the hardest job in the planet -thankless, relentless and all consuming. But I wouldn't swop it for all the money in the world because it simply is Brilliant.

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