Saturday, 30 May 2009


Maybe this is wrong - you tell me - but we have got Sproglet bang into his movies. (By the way, we didn't force the kid - we haven't like strapped him into chair and forced his eyes open. He just loves to watch). Oh yes, he gobbles them up.. So much, he forgets to gobble up his dinner while he gorges on a DVD... First time he went to the movies he caught Ratatouille when he was the tender age of one. He sat in the front row, in complete awe, eating tangerine segments before running round the front of the cinema with his duckie, waving it madly in jubilation. Well, Ratatouille is brilliant, so fair dues.

Next up was 'Horton hears a Who' which he LOVED - in fact so much, his Dad took him to see it another time (think Husband was jealous that Sproglet and I had bonded over Dr Seuss). Sproglet followed this with Wall-E, Bolt, Monsters V Aliens... But last week, Husband took Sproglet to his first ever non-cartoon movie - Night at the Museum 2 (forgive us - it the only child friendly movie on). Feeling guilty, last night I rented ET - start him young on Spielberg, why not, and after all, the director himself says that it is his favourite of all his films.

Sproglet is obsessed with it now. While I try not to lose an eyeball every time the flower curls up into itself, and ET goes that pasty white colour, Sproglet sits, mouth agape. 3 weeks shy of his 3rd b'day and he knows good story telling, bless him. Mind you, he sat through the dire Night at the Museum 2 - so what does he know? There again, he knows that Monsters Inc is superior to Cars, so he aint stupid.

When should I start him on a touch of Burton? Never too early I say... Bless my son for loving my hobby, and his Dad's. Nature or nurture? I'd say that at this young age, it's gotta be nature - no? Whatever it is - long may it last. More than anything, it reminds me that quality films stand the test of time, and watching them with him is like seeing them for the first time. Everyone's a winner.

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