Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Oh if only I could buy it. Or get a starbucks style card that I could bank up minutes on it. Then when I needed to I could grab a few half hours here and there to help me have a 28 hour day or 46 hour day - or just a day where I could achieve all I need to achieve and still have time for some much needed eyebrow threading.

My life just flies by. One minute it is in the shower, lathering up, giving my arse a good scrub with 'buffy the backside slayer' (love that name - love it!) from Lush bath shop - and the next I am rubbing off my mascara and clambering between the sheets, trying to read the Sunday papers from two Sundays ago. I just never have the time I need.

To spring clean, to read books piled by my bed, to get a bikini wax so as someone at the local pool doesn't think I have a tarantula crawling down my thigh as things have got so outta control down there, to do some writing, to watch all the films I've stored on Sky + (which is on pause now while I write this - I need more time to fecking blog!), to sort out the boxes that are still not unpacked a year after we moved in here, to draw stuff with sproglet, to be a Samaritan again, to see an afternoon movie with a coffee in an empty cinema, to meander - I never meander any more, to window shop on Oxford St, to have a make-up play in Mac and buy glittery eyeshadow that I will never wear because I am not 16 and I do not go to clubs (not that I ever really did), to exercise and shift the ten pounds that I hate that sits on my stomach - which is not hard as we have Wii fit and a fucking exercise bike that practically talks to you in our basement and still I have no time to get on it!!!!

I blink and the day is gone - and my lists. Man my lists just keep growing - and they are so tedious and boring and I just want to finish them and forget about them - but there is always something to add to them that is even more tedious... Now I know what I did before I had Sproglet and ironically when I worked part time. I had so much TIME - I went to the gym and had a better stomach - and I saw tonnes of movies and I read lots of books and I knew things about things and I always had well groomed nether regions!

Ok - rant over. I have to go and sort lunch for tomorrow and sproglets clothes and un-pause this sky + and watch the Apprentice and read two Sunday supplements and floss and comb and arrgggghhhhhhhhhhh all before bed.

Maybe I don't need time - maybe I just need my own WIFE.

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