Thursday, 25 February 2010

Reasons to be cheerful

It's all a bit blahhhh this week. Weather: grey, bleughhh. Not even proper thrashing soaked-to-the-skin rain, or crisp frosty air or foggy murky dense mist swirling around. Just pissy damp drizzly hair-frizzing never ending bleak misery. Work: post exciting 25th anniversary party and 16.6 million viewers digging an amazing live ep -a bit well... blahh. A groundhog day of a week. Home life: Sproglet has been recovering from a mild-ish dose of chickenpox - he is in fine fettle and didn't even break a sweat when the spots had previously bubbled to the surface and formed angry blisters - but his school seemed to think he was miserable and I some she-devil Mother who shoved her kid back to school riddled with the plague in order to save on childcare - and promptly sent him home again. A mini war ensued. I won. I warned Sproglet to bounce into school the next day like he was on happy pills. He obliged in return for some gummy bears. Good deal.

So in the spirit of cheering myself up I'm gonna list a few unexpected joys in my blahh existence:

1. Damages is back on our screens. Yay for Patty and all her evil plotting and the fact nothing will make sense until episode 13. 12 more weeks of head scratching. Bliss.

2. Arrived at work on Monday to see an enormous cake for 500 people. 30 of us managed to polish it off in 2 days. I even scavenged the crumbs left behind on the silver tray for any bits of stray frosting on day 3.

3. Drawing on a huge rubber with a biro. Smooth. Almost relaxing - try it.

4. Off to York this weekend to see my gorgeous new nephew (my cousin - more like a sister to me - endured 4th degree tears. Now do you see why I don't do birth??) And poke around the Mulberry seconds shop. Obviously the baby excites me more. Honest.

5. Husband's bar is hosting Johnny Depp's private party post premiere tonight. Hopefully Johnny will be as fabulous a tipper as ever. Last time he paid for our holiday. Gawd bless him.

6. A dear work buddy has sorted my leaving party at a venue called 'Gallery Rendezvous.' Isn't the name spectacular? It looks a complete dive (think fake orchids and pink neon) and for £8 you get 3 hours of karaoke AND chinese food nibbles. Not sure the prawn toast will have come within a mile of an actual prawn, but what the hell. Bound to be brilliant. What to sing???

7. Sproglet loves The Simpsons and calls it 'Sim-Sons.' Much better than The Night Garden as our shared pre-bedtime viewing.

8. I'm getting to the movies on Sat night. Alone. Husband is going too - to another screening. He'll check out something boyish and filled with guns, so we'll part at the popcorn stand. I'm off to 'The Lovely Bones.' Loved the book, heard the movie pants. But still, I get to go to the movies. Alone. Hurrah!

9. Bored of my list now. That's enough cheer. Frankly I don't have the energy for more. In this blahhh zone my energy levels aren't exactly peaking.

Still Spring is around the corner, so is the Oscars, Easter (ergo lots of chocolate), my birthday, and then we'll all be frisky as lambs.

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Keenie Beanie said...

I was at a leaving do last night, in which 4 friends and I started the night off with karaoke "I will survive" complete with feather boas, practiced choreography and revised lyrics. We finished off the night with a rousing all-join-in rendition of "Lean on me"... at which point I got a bit maudlin, so if you are prone to emotional outbursts and don't want to embarras yourself, stay away from that one!