Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sproglette has arrived!!

My beautiful daughter Riley is here!

7lbs 1oz at 6:14 pm on Mon 6th Dec. Spent the whole day waiting to go into theatre... Got home last night. Lots to share, if only I had the mental capacity. At the moment it is hard to remember my name. Or think of Riley's middlle name. I am smitten, sore, excited, emotional and beyond tired. Will blog soon. Just wanted to share my good news.


JJ said...

Huge congratulations, she's a beaut x

Keenie Beanie said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations - I'm so happy to hear you are all home safe again.

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Ah what a beauty, and I am loving the name Riley! What made you decide on that? Seroiusly, cool! I love Sproglet's little puzzled look as to what to do with this little girly bundle!
Hope you are all well, and can't wait to read more. Be well, be happy, enjoy this precious time. X

jkelsofarrell said...


Shannon said...

She is just beautiful!

Claire said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!! She is gorgeous! May the wonder of her precious newness wash away some of those anxieties you had. I hope you get to enjoy this time as much as possible!

Chaos said...

I've been thinking about you and your family and new bundle this week. Thrilled to learn about the arrival of precious Riley!
CONGRATULATIONS from New Zealand x

Jane said...

Congratulations, she's gorgeous!

TheGirlWho said...

She's so sweet! Congratulations. Can't wait to hear the birth story!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, she's beautiful.
- Daycare Lady