Thursday, 14 July 2011

Happy Hols

Where is that festering old suncream, the lip salve with fluff on it hiding at the back of the bathroom cupboard, the anti mozzie wipes and the same sun hat I have worn since I presented a travel show in 2003? Yes, it is holiday time again. Except this time, we have Sproglette. Weaning as well. So in go the steriliser, the mini blender and enoygh rusks to sink a ship. Joy. If I ever get through packing, we are going here, to Crete:

Four of us - sharing a room or else the whole shebang would have been double and frankly, we have spent enough. Weirdly, I have been here before, on said travel show - but then I was in uber nice accomodation - with a pool outside my window and a fruit bowl re-stocked every day. But with four of us - it aint quite as grand. But it still is nice. Husband refused to go anywhere where 'I have to clean up after myself as well as the kids' - so we get half board. As long as their vodka tonic supply is doing fine, it'll be ok. Mind you, when the kids go down - what will Husband and I do - stare at the walls through the darkness? Take our chances with the mozzies on the balcony? Sproglet is beyond excited about swimming (arm band free) in the pool, Husband can't wait for the free pouring barmen to top up his little midday tipple as he relaxes reading (no doubt) yesterday's paper. Me? I can't wait for the sea - perhaps some snorkelling, and the wonderful feeling sipping a beer sundowner as your hot skin simmers after a day in the sun. Or watching freckles appear on our faces. Husband goes black. I go... blotchy. The sun waits for a moment until I am sitting with hand on my chin, or fingers on face and then strikes. A ha! Take that CM - now you will go home with weird red stripes across your fizzog and everyone will wonder if you and Husband were even on the same holiday.

So - to pack, to try and lug ourselves to the airport. 10 days and nights of sun (fingers crossed) and family fun. Will we all be speaking upon return? I'll letcha know. See you on the other side!

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Have a great holiday!