Monday, 19 September 2011

A little break

Someone emailed me asking me why I haven't blogged for so long. It has in fact been 12 whole days since I last blogged. Which isn't that long, well maybe in blog land it is. Thing is, I'm just not feeling it. Blogging that is. For the first time in like, well, ever maybe, I just don't want to share all my innermost thoughts. I just want to keep some things to myself in this time of change and unsettledness. I feel that for me to continue blogging at the mo would be like a tape being jammed - playing over and over and over. And who wants that?

Things I do want to share however:

1. I am over the MOON that Kyle Chandler won and Emmy last night as did Jason Katims, the lead writer on FNL. So deserved - this show was truly brilliant and should have won best drama and Connie Britton best female actress. I miss it. If you have never watched it - go buy series 1. You won't regret it, I promise. Taylor Kitsch, swoon.

2. I have just finished 'Room' by Emma Donoghue. A brilliant book that will forever haunt me. I won't even begin to tell you what it is about - save to say I have read nothing like it. I couldn't put it down. Mind you, it did cost me £100. I bought it in the local cancer research charity store - when I was dropping off 3 big bags of kids clothes, and as I went to pay for it, a rolled up wad of notes - £100 worth, that Husband had given me to put in the bank, must have dropped out of my pocket. When I got to the bank - 30 seconds walk away, my money was gone. I ran back but it wasn't found. I sobbed and sobbed as I have so little money, what with no income an all. If only I hadn't stopped to buy the book, I never would have lost the money. Oh well, the book was great.

3. My Mother in Law is here for 2 weeks, - helping me with the kids and generally being lovely. In having the slightest time away from my daughter, I have been smitten with her. I find myself torn between wanting time for myself and dreading the thought of work and leaving her.

4. Please DO NOT go and see 'I don't know how she does it.' Seriously, give the money to charity or buy some chocolate or something. Even paying the window cleaner with the cash would be more satisfying. SJP plays Carrie, being a mother. Piers Brosnan should give up acting - now. Right now. In fact why did he ever take it up? There is no plot to speak of and a woman with a full time nanny (one that stays over surely must be about 40K plus a year no?) really can't be struggling that much? It is so dreadful I can't waste any more energy writing about it - but it makes Sex and City 2 look like a masterpiece. Exactly.

5. BBC2's Bake off show is brilliant. Cake and a hot guy called Rob making said cake. What is not to love? I am addicted to this and never knew there was so much skill in having a thin crust, non soggy base and over whisking.


I am sure I will be back blogging shortly. I did toy with the idea of setting up a new blog, under a new name, just for some complete privacy. Which is a complete paradox I guess - blogging for privacy! I feel I am a bit of a paradox at the mo. At 6s and 7s. When I work through this time I will be back. Bleating on about my usual rubbish. Until then, I thank you all for reading, for caring, for supporting me and for making me feel not so alone. In moments of complete darkness, you guys were twinkling little lights.

CM x


Liz said...

I actually adore that book, and therefore do not want to see the movie. The book is about a totally fucked up mother - just like us. Money doesn't solve it all, and she never feels like she has a handle on anything. Wonderful. The movie looks twee.

Rooom was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

CM, Just want to say I think your blog is fab. Hope you don't stop. It sounds a bit odd but I just wanted to let you know that every time I feel crappy, reading yours and Monica's blog(yours in particular) is one of the few things that makes me feel less crappy. Perhaps it is because you are so honest that every time I'm at a real low, weather it's from ex dragging me into court to try to get money I haven't got or more recently my Dad being diagnosed with rare case of terminal cancer then 9 weeks later favorite aunt being diagnosed with rarer case of terminal cancer(the list goes on, but I won't)no matter what it is - I always come to your blog and every time (for whatever reason I really don't know) I sit at my computer thinking 'God I hope CM has posted something, anything,' and every time you have, sometimes only minutes before I log on. Whatever your post, be it inane, profound, funny or wingging (haven't got the foggiest how to spell that), for what ever reason, your blog makes me feel better.
For that, I thank you.
Daycare Lady

Crummy Mummy said...

Darecare Lady, I am so flattered by your lovely, lovely comment. Can I just say I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and Aunt - I don't know what to say, except that is so sad. It is things like that, that make me feel so ridiculous with my little pity parties. I am so touched that my blog resonates with you and delighted that it lifts your spirits. Your comment meant an awful lot to me, so thank you. x

Ninja Pixie said...

I love The Great British Bake Off!

I went to the cancer charity shop on WEL a few weeks back when I was moving. I gave them a lot of books and clothes.
I think Some books were of questionable inappropriateness - so I dumped them in the back of the store and ran!!
I am sure someone will love them