Friday, 16 March 2012

DVF for Gap kids - Yay!

So I am seriously coveting stuff from the new Diane Von Furstenberg collection for Gapkids.

Seriously how cute are these:

Whilst I have never afforded DVF for myself - I can so see Sproglette rockin' a funky dress this summer. The Diva, I am hoping, would approve of such stylish threads. I went online to per-chase one dress (credit card at the ready) only to find NO DVF. There it was on the American site in all it's colourful snazzy glory, but not a mention on the UK site. Which was odd as all over blogs, supplements and magazines there has been a huge PR drive with 'March 15th' everywhere.

Alas no. After phoning 3 Gaps and then complaining to their head office, I was told that in the UK it would launch on the 28th. Yes, I have too much time on my hands, obviously. But I couldn't believe that Gap - such a HUGE company - had gone to all the PR effort and then in the UK my phonecalls to Gap were greeted with 'What is DVF???' And odd that their website didn't even mention it's existence. Great work Gap on the whole web/PR/shop communication link up there!

Anyway, if you are in the States - go grab. The sneakers looks especially cool. I hate prissy girlish clothes - all fru fru and thunderously pink - so this flash of bright colours zinging up a wardrobe are right up my street.

If you are in the UK save your pennies, or in my case, your credit, until the 28th. Just maybe, I'll fit into something for myself.... *sigh*

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Liz said...

I walked into the Gap for the first time in years this week. I wandered around like I had been put down in a foreign land, one where I did not know the customs. In the GAP. Where I LIVED from ages 16-30. Coincidentally, I had my child at 30. Anyhoo, the Gap is where the perky moms shop here, in my county named after a British lord in my state named after a British isle. Yes, yes, there is no place for me at the Gap any longer. However, the kids clothes are very cute - and this line was in there in full force!

By the way, can you shop at adult Gap, or is it as bad as it is here?