Friday, 30 March 2012

The day CM met Taylor Kitsch. Oh yes.

So yesterday I headed in to central London, to the fancy schmancy Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where I drank red bull and sat for almost two hours in a press suite, waiting for The Battleship interviews to commence. With director (god) and Creator of FNL (fav show) Peter Berg, Brooklyn (Sports Illustrated model and Mrs Andy Roddick) Decker and Mr Taylor Kitsch.

It was such a bind, obviously. It was part one of The Plan. I met Mr Berg first and kind of fell in love with his chat. He was super smart, seemed a tad tired/jet lagged/all talked out, but was fun, and the kind of guy you want to sink ten beers with. At one point he high fived me for my FNL knowledge, and said 'she knows her stuff.' I was desperately trying to impress him, with my Irish charm and thirst for info. I got a whole ohhhh five minutes or so with him - they kept telling me to wrap it up and I kept asking 'just another' question.

Then I met Mr Kitsch. Now at this point I want to to tell you he was wildly disappointing, or not as hot in the flesh, but that would be lying. He was funny, oh so incredibly sexy, and charming. I love him. If he had asked me to throw away my wedding ring and run into the sunset with him - I would have been gone in a shot. With him, and no ring. Rather than tell you all the ins and outs - I am hoping to get a copy of the interview and post it up here, so you can watch me try not to dribble, and banter for all I was worth with the hottest man on the planet TM. I didn't mention the 'C' word (as in Carter) but we did talk FNL, Battleship, Berg and also about his new house in Austin, Texas. As I left I offered to get all my buddies to come to the house warming and he said 'bring it, for sure.' But then he didn't actually ask for my email/number/vital statistics. Damn. I then said 'I really want to say 'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, but is that tragic?' And he said 'No, you go for it - but I'm not finishing it!' I did say that I loved Kyle Chandler and was glad he got an Emmy and he said that Chandler was a close friend of his. I said the writers on FNL were great and he said 'The actors were pretty great too.' He was soooo likable.

So, let me try and get this up at some stage, if my dear mate Baz can edit it so it looks ok. I am probably 'gushing' through it, but hey.

Yesterday was amazing. No doubt. Husband had to go to the fucking Clip Clop class with Sproglette; I got to wander in London in the sunshine and feel like me again. I laughed with all the journo boys as I was no 10 in the queue to do my interviews, I got to flex the old brain again and I met Kitsch. Oh and I left my phone on the train but a nice guy handed it in and the conductress called my Mum and somehow, I got it back 2 hours later.

All in all, a damn fine day.

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Anonymous said...

please post it up if you have video or audio of you and taylor, omg that would be awsum