Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bah, Easter Scmeaster.

For the record, I hate Easter. HATE it. Even when I was working full time and got those precious extra days off - hated it. Even before sprogs and Husband, I still loathed it. It is such a nothing holiday. No turkey filled thanksgiving or present giving xmas, no tick or treat halloween fun, or bonfire night fireworks. Just what? Some chocolate eggs - which lets face it are really for kids - and endless long days that feel like Sundays.

The only good Easter I remember having was back in 2000 - when my mate Blair borrowed his sister's car and some mates and I hightailed it to Bristol where some other friends were visiting parents. We all drank too much, wandered around and too the piss out for poor C, who had just run a marathon the weekend before - without really training for it first. He sat like an old man, drinking cider, barely able to walk. It was fun times.

Apart from that, the Easters have just dragged. Too expensive to travel - prices hoiked up on trains and planes, grey skies and hours to fill with two chocolate coated kids. Everyone else seems to have fab plans - bully for them. Husband works so that leaves me always, always, holding the babies. My birthday normally falls around this event - meaning no one is ever around to celebrate - which, doesn't matter these days - being an old hag, but in the past would grate.

I am beyond humbug about Easter. I would cut it from the calendar in a heartbeat. I know, I know, the whole crucifiction story is miraculous and moving and Christ dies so he may save our sins - and believe me, that to me is the most important and interesting part of Easter - the meaning behind it all. I remember watching the beautiful visual feast that was 'The Passion of Christ' (Mel Gibson's film) and feeling very emotional as I left the cinema. As I walked out I passed two old women, tears streaming down their tired faces.

Does anyone even talk about Easter in the truest sense, or are we all too busy ramming cholate in our mouths to care?

Igore me. I will resume humour when this monotonous, dull, tedious holiday is over. Thankfully in just under 48 hours. Amen to that.

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A said...

Easter really is like 4 Sunday's in a row!