Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sproglet's first crush.

Sproglet is getting married. The bride to be is also 5, (turning 6 this year), has a long blonde ponytail, big blue eyes and is as cute as a button. She has asked to come to his house; they held hands being 'buddies' on the recent walk to the local sports centre from school, and she has even planted a kiss on him. On the lips.

These are all very new developments. As recently as 4 weeks ago Sproglet disliked girls. He tolerated them, was pleasant, but in general didn't want anything to do with them. When his best bud L would talk about loving this one and that one, he would roll his eyes and get upset if you even mentioned a girl liking him. He was adamant, he played with boys, but girls - a big NO.

Then a few weeks back he mentioned liking Little Miss I. It was just a passing comment. Around the time he commented as Husband skipped through channels, momentarily resting upon 'The Tourist,' "Now SHE, she is really pretty Daddy.' Angelina of course. Then he mentioned sitting next to Little Miss I. Then they talked and she said she wanted to marry him, even though Sproglet's best friend likes her too. Then he agreed to this betrothal.

Stepping from the bath last week, amidst chat about "Mummy are you really meeting John Carter???" He announced that she had suggested they kiss. He was unsure, a bit hesitant, but not adverse to the idea. To solve the dilemma, she just went ahead and kissed him anyway. (Good on you girl, if we waited for men, the species would be extinct). He looked chuffed as he recounted this. The next day he said how she had asked to come and play, and he was desperate for this to happen. So I went to collect him from school to introduce myself to her Mum. A childminder was collecting her instead, so I gave her my number and explained. Then I smiled at Little Miss I and said 'If you're gonna marry Sproglet, then you'd better come for tea eh?' and she blushed.

The next day her Mum texted me saying 'So I hear we are to be in-laws!' Which I thought was great. Apparently she talks of nothing else but Sproglet. He beams when he mentions her, and when I warned that marriage meant living together, he replied 'It doesn't matter, I can cook for her.'

He then told me he likes her as much as me. For a moment a dark shadow swallowed me up, and I thought 'This is it. This is the bloody beginning of my gorgeous boy, my darling son, loving another. OH MY GOD.' Then he reconsidered this and decided no, she wasn't quite in the Mummy love stakes yet. Phew!! Later, he bawled after watching a film called 'Mars needs Moms' (a Mom died and her son was then all alone). He was worried that an alien would get me too. I have never been more relieved. Little Miss I may plant great smackers, but she is a long way off carting him to Gretna Green. Safe to say, I won't be buying my hat just yet.

But the winds have change have rolled on in. And he is only 5. Yikes!!

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