Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Django Unchained - simply brilliant.

I'm so annoyed, because as I fell asleep last night - my head all a spinning after a visit to the flicks, I wrote (in my mind) a fab review of Django Unchained. But then I fell asleep and promptly forgot everything I had mentally written.

Now y'all know that my favourite way of spending time, is taking in a movie. Even better when the movie rocks. I feel like running up and kissing all those cinema usher folk (although on that note - where is a fecking usher when you need one - those fab people with torches, or those women who stood down the front of the screen selling cornettos when you were a kid?) and thanking them, as if they personally made it. Getting out is such a palava - with sitters and bedtimes and bottles and all that jazz - that getting my arse on a cinema seat these days is rare. So it has to be worth it. And last night, it sure as hell was.

Not I'm not a massive die-in-the-wool Tarantino fan. Sure, I loved Pulp Fiction, and Inglourious Basterds - But Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Jackie Brown didn't float my boat. Husband had been banging on for weeks about seeing this one though - so off we went. Plus, I don't really dig Westerns. All that mumbling (without Brando - save his own slightly odd Western - One Eyed Jacks) and spitting and shoot outs and whores - sometimes feels like you seen one, you seen 'em all...

But I loved it. From start to (slightly over-extended) finish. Infinitely cleverer writing than such fare as Silver Linings Playbook - with Tarantino-isms in full force (funky soundtrack, zooming shots, monologues galore, ingenius humour, cameo appearances and lots of bloodshed) it was a joy to listen to - let alone watch.

Husband argued that Christoph Waltz played much the same character as he did in Inglourious. But that's where I disagree. Whilst yes, he was prone to charming explanations for his actions - they came from a good heart this time - so we got to see the other side of the coin. The actor looked like he was having a blast - and had invited us and Django along for the marvellous ride. Such a wonderful pairing - the virtually silent Fox and the eloquent and knowing Waltz. I loved that Waltz never patronised the slave that he had freed - nor abused the gift that he had bestowed upon him. Fox simply walked like he was the coolest man alive - even wearing the most hilarious Austin Powers style outfit I have ever seen... truly, I'd have followed these partners in crime across every state... oh that's right - we did.

Midpoint - and Di Caprio. If anyone ever argues that he cannot act - then I'd like them to imagine any other actor giving such rich characterisation to what could be perceived as a pantomime part. In other hands this would have been seven shades of bad. In his hands - a masterpiece. He barked and twitched and sucked on his cigarillos and I was utterly mesmerised. He steals every scene he is in. From the minute we lay eyes on him we seek our own vengeance on a man capable of such brutality - with such a lack of respect for human life.

Tarantino is known for reviving careers - and here Don Johnson proves he still has got it - even with such remarkable facial hair. In fact - and no spoilers here - he is in one of my favourite scenes from the film - when Tarantino the alchemist turns the mundane into the sublime as a bunch of Klu Klux Klan townsmen plot to ambush our heroes...

Husband thought it was overly long - and yes, there is act 3 part two... A moment where it could have ended but rises like the phoenix to charge again - as if Taratino realised he hadn't given himself a cameo yet and so tacked the end on. And probably decided he needed just a teeny bit more bloodshed. But no matter - I am not quibbling - because I enjoyed every tiny second of the whole sprawling piece. The wit and warmth he gives two bounty hunters is simply astounding...

So if you fancy a night at the movies - why bother with things like The Hobbit, or trite rubbish like Skyfall - or even the oddly emotionless Silver Linings Playbook (as nice as it was - memorable? Meh...) - and instead hunker down for this wonderful (quirky as ever) Tarantino-at-his-best delight.


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A said...

Saw this today and I agree, absolutely brilliant! Loved it. Good review! X