Tuesday, 8 January 2013


It crept up on me.

Maybe started with The Notebook, but in all honesty - it was schmaltz (good schmaltz, but schmaltz all the same) on toast. So it didn't register.

Then came Drive and The Ides of March. And you know, Drive was my film of that year. You seen it? Amazing. A director's movie - normally I'm all about the script. But he could do so much with just a slow soft gaze. He practically became a silent movie star in that film.

But it took until I saw a clip of him on Letterman, to really come to the conclusion that Ryan Gosling is a SEX GOD.

Why didn't I see it? He has a sexy voice. Voices are very important. Hot man, squeaky voice - never gonna happen. In fact, a voice is a deal breaker - no? So he always had the sexy voice.

In Ides - he gets his kit off. Not that it is all about the guns - but yes, he has impressive guns. Impressive everything. He seduces Evan Rachel Wood's character and he seems very very good at it.

Facially - he isn't memorable. But yet, he is interesting. Twinkly eyed. Cheeky.

Husband often watches Letterman clips on the i-pad at night - and he brought up Taylor Kitsch being interviewed - and Kitsch - smokin' hot but my god - he used the same lines twice and his timing... not exactly razor sharp. Whereas Gosling - drier than a decent martini. Smart. Sexy. Very.

BOOM! It hit me. Kitsch is not Tim Riggins (sadly). And whilst charming and sweet (did I mention I interviewed him - yes once or twice), Gosling - he is a whole other world of smooth charm. And in real life? He saved a woman from being run over by a cab in New York. He dated older women - Sandra Bullock included. He tells funny stories about Peter O'Toole hitting on his sister at the Oscars and how he got all protective. He built a table in preparation for his role in The Notebook - so you know, he is good with his hands too. He took his Mother to the Oscars as his date. I think he respects women... At the point in his life that he lived in a trailer while being on the Mickey Mouse club show - he supported his whole family.

Finally, this is a quote he said that seals the deal for me "I mean, God bless The Notebook (2004), it introduced me to one of the great loves (Rachel McAdams) of my life. But, people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that."

So there it is. My crush is official.

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