Thursday, 21 March 2013

Aint nothing better than Eames

I have a minor addiction that I have not let you be privy to. Most months I contain it - occasionally I will relapse. Then I will lose two hours or more of my day wallowing in LIFE ENVY: whereupon I devour such interior mags as 'Living Etc.' and 'Elle decoration' and wonder why I am not residing in 1. a loft (painted open brick) apartment in New York with a roof terrace and bikes hung on the walls beside the fancy artwork or 2. A 5 storey 'north london' Victorian house that has been casually knocked around with so it has a sprawling kitchen (come breakfast room), movie room, massive landscaped garden and one of those fabulous roll neck baths - in the bedroom. Everything always looks so neat and clean - with over flowing fruit bowls and carefully placed immaculate cushions. My life never resembles these photos...

Before we moved into our house, I went over to take measurements and the couple who lived there (John and Julie - dull as dishwater) let me take some pix. The the dining room looked like this:

Now I loved the fireplace and the idea of a long table - but I fecking hated the stripey wallpaper and all twee chairs etc. I wanted to mix the old with the new. I fancied the idea of a really rustic table to match the fireplace - but I wanted to make it a bit more modern - taking inpiration from all the fab Victorian houses featured in magazines that I previously mentioned. But - and there is a but, I couldn't afford to pay for the original designer chairs that these rich folk had. I loved Eames chairs with all my heart - but not their hefty price tag. So I found this brilliant place called Interior Addict - where I bought 'reproduction copies' at a fraction of the price.

I sourced my dining table from a brilliant place called Pine Finders - who use old reclaimed wood to make made-to-measure tables/cabinets etc.  And voila:

Another pic - of Halloween (you can just make out the chairs):

I went for 3 chairs that were plain white - clean treat with my childrens' mucky hands all over them - and 3 of the wire/leather covered ones - to mix it up a bit. The room looks bigger and brighter I reckon. What I am really coveting is the rocking chair version for my bedroom.

I'm a big fan of white walls, colourful artwork and old furniture - maybe with modern reupholstry. Lots of funky cushions and candles. Whilst I'm really into a modern clean look - I can't live in a home that is a museum - or so damn minimalist that it is cold and uninviting. I want somewhere I can relax - and at the same time looks good. If you shop around you can keep the green eyed monster at bay, get your designer furniture at half the price and never let on they are reproductions. Who can tell the difference?


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