Monday, 17 June 2013

Checkin' in...

I feel like I have just come up for air.

So I began blogging at Babble and I threw myself off the top diving board and hurtled towards those showbiz waters. Then I kind of belly flopped. I wasn't really sure if they wanted positivity, or if I could let my true Gwyneth feelings show... They have a way of working where people 'dib' pictures and stuff, so is hard to be the one 'on it' all the time. Plus, I had my full time job and two kids....  I worked, and worked and blogged and tried to get to grips with all things technical. There were slip ups for sure. Posts with no pictures, all that jazz.

Then I dashed up north for my cousin's wedding. This is him with his beautiful bride:

 They looked so in love. I remember those days... Made me feel really nostalgic for my own wedding... They had the reception here (that's them walking to their champagne reception):

Castle Howard, in York. It was stunning. The sun shone, the bride sparkled, the pimms fizzed. I started to feel royally ill. Not because I was allergic to weddings, but because I suddenly felt exhausted - as if every part of my body ached. I sat down to the reception meal and found it hard even to talk. Me, hard to talk - exactly! I couldn't even knock back the champers to toast the bride and groom. I drank water and later asked for tea. Then came over an hour of speeches - my cousin's was amazing. He said he looked over at me as he spoke and thought 'CM is either bored or ill.' It was the latter, Neil I promise.

By the time of this:

I was outside, trying not to throw up. The evening do had a band, drinks galore, a sweet shop and people downing shots and throwing shapes. I shivered and ached and eventually had to ask to go home. Oddly, it made me cry - I was so gutted to have to leave, to not dive head long into the festivities. Once home, I climbed into fleece PJs and huddled over a hot water bottle all night, sweating yet completely frozen.

Home again, and I didn't make it into work for 3 days. I felt awful. AWFUL. I couldn't blog, babble, work, read - nada. I managed to get through a LOT of Game of Thrones though. Dwarves (with the best lines) sex and violence just hit the spot.

Since then, I've had work to catch up on, a girls' weekend, Father's day, a nit scare (with my daughter - thankfully all is fine) and her vomming everywhere upon my return from said girl's weekend. Welcome home Mum! So not much time in all that to catch up.

I constantly feel I should be babbling and if I'm honest, I don't think they'll keep me long - the women who write there seem to make a living from blogging, so they're on line all the time - pouncing on all the hot stories. Good for them, I think. But I've got a full time job too... and those pesky two kids. so is hard to find the time. I miss just blogging for me. Just having my little chin wag. I worry about clicks all the time... I'm fairly certain I'm not getting as many as I should be... C'est la vie. I'm honestly just so happy to not feel ill, that I'm ok with everything. I'm even gonna babble tonight about how I really feel about the Goopster. I feel that good.

Apart from Sproglet's 7th b'day party to sort this weekend and Husband working on Saturday, and more laundry than I can even see to sort - I'm fairly chilled. So I'm here. Again. And no amount of babbling or vommiting is gonna keep me away.... 

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