Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Help me please you lovely people!

Hey y'all

I have a favour to ask... Now apart from a bizarre advert for vacuum bags (WHY? Why not vodka or tampax??) I have never advertised on this here little blog. I have never asked for money, save the time I ran 5K - but I did suffer from a SERIOUS ankle injury and I had many asthma attacks as I hauled myself around that event, so I did deserve to ask for your help...and it was for a v good cause. I rarely have asked for anything - mind you I have moaned a fair few times, so that probably was asking for help... Anyway...

Now, I have a more personal question to ask. It sounds a tad wanky - to be honest, to ask you what posts of mine have been your favourite - and maybe why... But I genuinely need to know. I could trawl through the past 7 years and think 'Oh that one aint bad... maybe that one' but what do I know? Not much. Maybe nothing has tickled your fancy - but I know many of my buddies, work colleagues, family etc read this - 5,000 of you a month sometimes... so could you tell me in the comments section if any post stood out at all? I need it for a project I am working on... or trying to work on is a better description. I've added a few links below (just as suggestions - but maybe you have a specific blog post that you liked from many moons ago...) - even if you write 'that one where you cried' - at least that is something. If the comments box remains empty I shall start texting and emailing and harassing and no one wants that undignified behaviour do they?

So if you ever stopped by, if I ever made you laugh or shed a tear - let me know when? I'd be eternally grateful folks.


CM xxx

These are just suggestions - but feel free to tell me any one at all you liked. 

The first time I married Husband in secret: here

When blood isn't thicker than water : here

Looking at ex's to discover that they er... have changed a tad: Here 

A love letter to my son just before my daughter was born: here

Marriage - and how my sad story was on repeat... : here 

Unwanted house guest Kipper: here 

The one where I was tempted by the fruits of another : here

The one where I loved the VSB boys... : here 

No one puts baby in the corner : here

My travels: here 

Glasses : here 

Are you a wanker? here


Jess said...

The one with the two weddings...

Kris said...

My favourite's the one with the Kipper! K xx

Anonymous said...

love letter to your son ... proper emotional!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when I put your name into "Google".....fear not, I'm no stalker! I watched a programme recently and one of the presenters was a former colleague of yours...from one of the "inane quiz channels" (I only used to watch as I was amazed at how you could keep talking for 3 hours straight, about anything and everything...apart from the quiz!) and after seeing her on TV I wondered what you had gone on to do...so I googled.

Since coming across your blog I've read through all your posts and I would just like to say that you are a brilliant writer. You have a real way of captivating people with your writing.

"Bare your bush" made me absolutely howl. (As a gay man I never imagined I would find myself online reading about a woman getting her....."one of those things I'm allergic to" waxed) but I did. And it was hilarious!

I love your writing...please keep posting :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Prince.....and in general you are a pretty good at the ole writing

Crummy Mummy said...

I am so grateful to those that have replied! I can't believe an old Quiz TV viewer bothered to look me up! It was DAMN hard talking for 3 hours - even for me! Mind you I talked about ANYTHING other than the bloody awful Quiz...

It was well paid rubbish - but the crew and folk who worked there were great. Anyway, I appreciate the comments a LOT xx

LauraIrina said...

I enjoy pretty much everything you write. The one that popped into my mind first when thinking about my favourites was the one in which you wondered if men and women can truly be friends. All your relationship-related posts have been especially thoughtful and entertaining to read, be it about old friendships, parent-child-relations, workmates, marriage etc.

LauraIrina said...

Oh and I have to add: the ones about feeling depressed, struggling sometimes with work/kids/husband/society's expectations have also been among the posts I remember most. Your emotional honesty is refreshing and empowering.

Ayesha said...

Recent favourites include Glasses and Don't Look Back in Anger. But I love all your writing!

Anonymous said...

I cannot find the post to tell you exactly which one it is but the one that made me cry and I mean big racking sobs was the one where it seemed your marriage may be over and you went to counselling together. Maybe the counselling was a separate post? Other than that, I loved Broken Hearted in Berlin.

Lindzi W said...

I loved your blog from earlier this year. 'I can't take this anymore' really raw and difficult, but also so touching and honest. Struck a chord with me.