Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to School

The sunshine has all but gone, the leaves are starting to fall, the temperature has dipped, the X Factor is back.

The back to school feeling has arrived. After a LONG but brilliant summer, it's time to get out the jumpers, put away the birkenstocks, find the school bags and remember to buy the school shoes. Sproglet will trudge back up the practically vertical hill to school next Wed and Sproglette will begin nursery on the Friday. I can see light at the end of the tunnel!!

Me? Well I have a new business to get off the ground that will be launching on Nov 1st and I'll be asking all you lovely readers to be spreading the word and clicking over and all that jazz. It is all very new, the opportunity just came up - but I will be working with one of my dearest buddies, so that makes it even more fun. We both are nervous and excited to be partners and to get this all up and running - having our own 'back to school' moment... Details to follow...

Plus, I'm still grafting on another project that has been in the making for over 2 years - but broadcasters take their sweet ass time - so we are trying some new back door approaches... crossing my fingers that it takes off this year my mate Matt said, 'It deserves to.' Indeed - only one door needs to open... I'm Babbling (am loving it) and also am hoping to do a trial script very shortly, so all in all - I'll be keeping busy. How on earth I'm gonna fit all that in the the mere 3 hours that Sproglette is at nursery daily, gawd only knows.

But, I am in a really good place - as I am finding/have found ways to make an income (hopefully!) without having to be at a job full time. Without having to dash up and down the M25 and fork out £1.2 K a month in childcare... Without having to feel like I am failing at both my job and at motherhood. It means Sproglet can go to football club on a Wed, back to swimming on a Friday and all that kind of stuff. It means I am around for homework and reading and spellings and suddenly having to rustle up some costume or cake or whatever. (Not that I'll ever be rustling up a cake - we've been there remember?).  I feel MUCH happier. I call the shots, work out my schedule and whilst it will be a bit of a juggle, I am confident I can make it all work. Somehow! I've missed the comradeship of work - which is why this new business will be perfect - as I won't be alone writing all day - which sends me a bit mental. I'll have a bit of both in my life - and that balance is what I need.

I left my job in Feb and although I haven't been financially stable/in any way loaded - it was the best thing I ever did. All the new things that have come my way I never could have anticipated - but all have helped me in my seemingly eternal quest to have a career around raising kids.

I'm not there yet - trial has to be written, business has to get off the ground, other project needs a green light - BUT there is hope. Fingers in many pies. Pies have a good chance of cooking. A-bloody-men.

This has been a long slow process and there's still lots to be done. Wish me luck! In the meantime, enjoy the back to school feeling - and so begins my favourite time of year...

Did anyone mention Halloween?!


AG said...

Hurrah! I'm cheering for you. And still reading! It takes courage and bravery to leave something and go after what you want, but the universe always rewards those who do. I'm glad things are working out so well for you and that you're feeling positive and optimistic about it all. Good luck with all the projects! Ax

Crummy Mummy said...

AG - Thank you so much! Not there yet - but working towards it all. I feel much better and brighter and that is a relief! Thanks for continuing to read and for such a lovely message - enjoy your travels - how exciting! x