Wednesday, 29 October 2014

5 Random things

Ok so my cyber buddy Dresden wrote about 5 random things and suggested I do the same. What Dres doesn't know is that all I DO is blog about random stuff from periods to Prince, so this is no real change from the norm.

My life is one long tangent according to my old workmates, my Husband and er... anyone who knows me.

No. 1 Yesterday the sun shone - it was positively hot; so much so I had to take off my jumper and just wear a vest top as I walked my son to football, with my 3 yr old in tow. Nothing strange in that, except it was the 28th of October!! As we passed people, everyone stopped to remark on what a glorious sunny day it was, people were full of smiles and Sproglette even remarked, 'You are talking to everyone today Mummy.' No change there. It did make me think that I wonder what folk in LA talk about it. I mean the weather there every day is ace, so not much to remark on. 'Oh, lovely day today, er... again.' But us Brits - that is ALL we talk about: the weather. The big freeze that is coming (never does) the heatwave due (always comes) the unexpected storms, the disappointing rainy bank holidays (a guarantee) and the lack of snow on Xmas day (also guaranteed). What on earth would we say as we passed each other, or waited in queues, if we didn't talk all things weather?

No. 2 I have yet to see a ghost. Believe me I have tried. Looked in a candlelit mirror at halloween at midnight, kept an eye open in scary houses I have stayed in (there was a night I stayed in an old rambling manor - certain I would hear a spook, but no such luck). My mate Hannah says she used to hear a ghost breathing under her bed, and I've heard a few spooky stories in my time. This Halloween, crossing my fingers as always. Do I believe in them - absolutely.

No. 3 This whole being grateful malarky is paying off. Unexpected things have happened. People have been generous and lovely. Good things have come. I am continuing on that theme - it reminds me how lucky I am. After a weekend watching 'Stand up to Cancer' and then a documentary on the tsunami in 2004, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I'm holding that thought - and the luckier I feel, the luckier I seem to get. Try it and see.

No. 4 I wish I could afford more products. I am obsessed with Origins 'never a dull moment' face scrub, their 'drink up' face mask and charcoal one. I wish for Guinot's deep moisture mask - amazing, that Estee Lauder overnight repair stuff... Also I want some GlamGlow masks. You can't beat a good mask. Lots of Ren scrubs (the salt body one is amazing) and AHA products, and rose bath oil. Some Jo Malone Roses perfume (I have No perfume at the mo at it is odd). I like Victor and Rolf's Flowerbomb too, and Givenchy's Dahila Devin. Finally I could do with some Charlotte Tilsbury Wonder glow stuff you put under foundation and her under eye highlighter thing. Oh Santa, win the lottery please. Then I'd be EVEN more grateful!

No. 5 This is my favourite season for food: soups, hearty stews, tasty roasts. Begone salads and all that crunchy stuff and give me stodge. Lots of it. To combat this need to eat more potatoes than an Irish man in a chip shop, I start every day with a Nutri Bullet shake with spinach, flaxseed, protein powder, frozen fruit berries, avocado and pumpkin seeds. It tastes AMAZING and my skin has never looked better. Get thee a Nutri Bullet - which sounds like an excellent sex toy but is actually a gift to your health. You can thank me later. x

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