Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Years!!!!

Yay for 2015. Cannot believe it has been 15 years since the Millennium evening... Cannot believe that I am 42 this year... Maybe I wasn't really born in '73 - I am certain they got the dates wrong, cos I feel about 18. Thank god for my Mum's xmas gift to me of a Clarisonic - next time you see me, I am bound to look 25.

I've eaten more cheese than a fromagerie stocks, sunk more prosecco than is humanly possibly and if I even look at a toblerone I feel ill. Thank god Xmas is over. It kind of unnerves me - all those days of the week that feel like a parade of Sundays. I like routine, the kids back in school and life returning to normal.

I'm excited about 2015. Why? Because reading back on this blog to last Jan, when I was filled with fear about walking away from my job in Feb - made me realise how far along the path I have come. Oh there is still more of the proverbial hill to climb - but that's the fun bit. Challenges are always the best bit, often more so than the reward.

So Broadchurch is back tomoz (YAY), a new series of True Detective begins filming with Taylor HOT Kitsch involved and there are all those fab movies coming out now in this gushing awards season. I've done Birdman - clever and funny and ODD. Didn't move me in any way. Cannot wait for Foxcatcher, Selma, Wild, Inherent Vice etc...

Time for the tree to come down, the twinkly lights to fade, the fridge to be emptied of evils. I wish you all a wonderful, kind, joyful 2015. I appreciate every one of you stopping by and checking in on me. I will still be a crummy mummy, but for Jan not one who drinks. In this new era of sobriety, I'm gonna remember to take a moment every day to be grateful for all I have. Without sounding like a new age freak who has smoked her bong too long, if life aint where you want it to be then start by changing one small thing today. Then do it again tomorrow. Keep going, one day at a time. If you have doubts, grab a pen and write down 10 things you are grateful are: your health, your brains, your coffee machine, the great book you got for Xmas, the hot shower you stood in too long this morning, for the job that pays the bills, for the mates who bought you dinner, for the partner who kisses you even when you have stinky morning breath. The more you appreciate, the more you seem to have...

I'm raising my cup of tea to you all. Cheers. HNY. x

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