Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Time to say Goodbye....

So the first thing I am saying goodbye to in 2015 is.... foundation.

I have since about 1990, been a slave to the bottle (and the bleach - but that is something I aint ever throwing away). It is a surprising make-up bag accessory to be chucking out as I race towards 42 - but my skin has honestly never been better. Sure, I'm ageing, so it isn't like I have 20 year old supermodel dewy flawless California gurl skin - but with the help of two trusted buddies my skin is calmer than it has been in years. I have no need to slather on a load of pan stick to make my face look normal. A make-up artist at Mac once told me that where make-up is concerned, (and ageing) less is in fact more. She puts on eye make up, lipstick, mascara and all and then does the skin last - as she explained that the ore of your own skin that shines through, the younger you look. Heavy set make up is ageing and dulls the skin.

So who do I have to thank for my new make-up free status? My two new buddies: Nutribullet (over Xmas when I had to set him to one side as I ate Lindt chocolate for breakfast amongst other things like croissants my skin raged and gave me a spot the size of Ireland) and a Clarisonic. I know I need to get more water down my gullet (as my buddy who drinks water all the time has the best skin I know) and I should step away from Polenta cake - and leave the liquor alone - but all in all it has been a real surprise to see the difference these two products have made to my skin. I cannot recommend them highly enough. A Clarisonic is kind of a vibrator for your face, and leaves you feeling all sparkly and clean.

It is so time consuming, putting on slap - and yet in my case - so necessary. I don't want to terrify the Mums on the school run, or even my children. Make up is a saviour - giving me eyes when a night on the tiles has made them piss holes in the snow; hiding blemishes bigger than an egg; covering up eye bags that you could do your weekly shop in. So it is with trepidation that I set the main man - Mr hide behind me - aside. Who knows, by February I may be knee deep in Lancome - but for now, crows feet, eye bags, moles and pigment spots are all on show. Damn, it feels good.

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