Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My second life questionnaire

Ok - I am sure you are wondering who the hell is this so called Crummy Mummy? So in a bid to get to know each other a little better I thought I'd answer The Independent's questionnaire. I read it on Saturday and frankly if its good enough for Felicity Kendal to answer - then why not moi?

The house I grew up in:

I shared a bedroom with my Mother until I was 10. Then I moved into a great house owned by her then boyfriend. I had my own room and everything. Truly my happiest days were in that house. I took such pride in my artwork on the walls, collages on the wardrobe door and self-designed furniture. It was my weekend oasis. I miss it still.

When I was a child I wanted to be:

A nurse. Actress. Singer (!!!! ha ha ha - I am tuneless). Rich. An according to a recent essay I found, written when I was 14 'a famous journalist and fashion leader.'

The moment that changed me forever:

The birth of my son - it changed everything in every way. Although before that I guess drunkenly giving my husband-to-be my number was the start of something pretty big. Naturally I had to be the bull that took the horns...

My greatest inspiration:

From books and films and friends. Listening to other folk's problems where I volunteer inspires me to be grateful for all I have. Sorry - did that make you pass the sick bucket?

If I could change one thing about myself:

Can I change more than one? Please? My temper. Lack of patience. Inability to tolerate stupidity. Need for control. My cellulite that threatens to invade every inch of me. My love handles. Not being a natural blonde. I could go on....

My fav item of clothing:

My shoes.... if only I had a reason to wear half of them. My comfy Uggs. Clothes.... a huge wool wrap that is like wearing a blanket. £15 from M & S and I get compliments on it all the time. Can I say my Bayswater handbag??

At night I dream of:

To many weird things to mention. The other day I gave birth - my ultimate fear. But in this dream it was easy peasy. Ex boyfriends feature occasionally - in fact my first love was a comedian the other day and believe me he was as far away from a comedian as you can get.

What I see when I look in the mirror:

That I need to buy Lancome's night cream soon - that and grow out of hormonal spots. Oh and my roots need done. Blue eyes looking back - sometimes with serious bags underneath them.

My style icon:

Dull as it sounds - Jennifer Aniston. She may not get the guy - but boy does she get comfy looking stylish clobber. I cannot bear women who try so damn hard. Where do they get the time?

I wish I'd never worn:

Heels on a long night out. Had 13 blisters ON EACH FOOT one evening. I stayed at a mate's and had to get a cab door to door as I couldn't put the blood soaked shoes on ever again.

It's not fashionable but I like:

Ugg boots. Or are they 'in' again? I can't keep up. Oh and 80s music and films.

You wouldn't know it but I am very good at:

Listening. Yes I may talk a glass eye to sleep but I volunteer for a charity that supports and befriends people who are suicidal or depressed. I listen and I support. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done... (except Motherhood of course). Karma mate... karma.

You may not know it but I am not very good at:

Driving. If people speak to me danger is afoot. Husband keeps screaming at me 'Red light!!!' 'RED LIGHT!!!' Just to terrify me. I have been known to mount curbs (nearly ran over a jogger one Xmas) and ask strangers (builders mainly) to reverse park my car. Well my Mum's car - only drive when in Ireland. People are kinder to me there.

I drive/ride:

See above... A purple bike called Caprice pre child. Now thinking of buying my Aunt's small car. I know it is in for a few knocks. I'm not one for fancy cars. They go from A to B. What's there to want?

If I have time to myself:

Movies. Movies. Movies. Or reading a book/mag/Sunday supplements. Or I have a comfort blanket moment. It calms me.

My most valuable possession is:

Said blanket. Diaries. Photos. My son. Not in that order. My earcuff.

My fav building:

The Mercer Hotel NY. Love it Love it Love it. That and the Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam. Stunning.

Movie Heaven:

Where do I begin? St Elmos Fire for a trashy rainy afternoon with cupcakes. Any John Hughes or Peter Weir film. A bit of horror - Halloween, Rosemary's baby. Charm - Almost Famous, All About Eve. Amadeus. American Beauty. The Virgin Suicides. La Confidential. Jagged Edge. The Goodbye Girl. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Door in the Floor. Fatal Attraction... you gotta love Glenn Close.

My greatest regret:

I try not to regret anything - wasted energy you know? But I wish I had got presenting out of my system earlier and tried to move into script editing at a much younger age. It is strange to be pockling around trying to get a new career together in my 30s. In some ways that is great - I don't have the insecurity and uncertainty of my 20s. But part of me thinks - feck I am getting on a bit aren't I?

The last album I bought:

Amy Winehouse. A year ago. I discover music about a year after everyone else has.

A book that changed me:

The Alchemist. Inspiring and hopeful.

My fav works of art:

Van Gogh's bedroom portrait. Dali and Johan Gorg's sketches.

The person who really makes me laugh:

The husband with his daily requests/excuses. The bunny with his fake cry. Eddie Izzard.

The shop I cannot walk past:

Mac make-up is hard. Oxfam Books on Marylebone High st. Starbucks and Gap. Shoe stores.... oh shoes.... my big love.

The best invention ever:

Tampax and C sections. C Beebies. Mascara. Dummies. Make up in general. Thank god for it.

In 10 years time I hope:

To be employed. Published. Healthy. Wiser.

My life in 7 words:

Well... not nearly over yet I hope!

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