Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Puck me!

Move over Chuck Bass there is a new crush in town.... The sweet Lothario, guided by his loins rather than brain, who can sport a mohawk without looking ridiculous (no mean feat) hold a tune and bust some moves is frankly the most exciting thing to hit my small screen since.. well... since Chuck cocked his eyebrow 2 years back.

I've had to give up my Gossip Girl habit as the scripts are so woeful they make my ears bleed. It takes itself far too seriously, with lame ass stories and characters who go up and down more often than that Serena girl's pants. I can do trash tv with the best of them - but this takes the piss. Eventually, one stops caring about the characters and inevitably loses interest.

Thankfully I have found new boy flesh to relish, in the name of Puck - who for me - is the star of Glee. If you haven't seen it - where have you been? Ok, so sometimes it thinks it is cleverer than it actually is, and is occasionally repetitive. But my god it is fun. Sue Sylvester - she of no heart - the relentlessly ambitious, tracksuit loving, uber-scheming cheerleading coach, hasn't said a duff line yet. (My fav - after seeing the Glee club perform a raunchy version of 'push it' "That was the most offensive thing I have ever seen in 20 years of teaching and that includes an elementary production of Hair.") The simple premise - a load of misfits get together and bond over singing fabulous show tunes - delivers both laugh out loud punchlines and poignant coming of age rituals. Plus, it has swoonsome, big peepered, lop-sided sexy grinned Puck.

Before any of you call me a closet paedo - he is in fact 27 in real life. That makes everything fine, I know. I bought the soundtrack last week and sang along with every tunnnnnnnnne!!!! all the way to Cheltenham and back. 4 hours of my strangled cats voice merging with the fine singers of Glee. Well I had to do warm ups for my leaving party... now where did I put that Journey song?

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Chaos said...

Hahahahhahah!!! :D
I'm a Gleek too.
Love your posts chica x