Sunday, 11 April 2010

Could I be?

It was a Thursday - a rip roaringly sunny Thursday. One of those days when only good things happen. The night before one of my oldest friends and her family had arrived to stay for a few nights. They'd risen early and disappeared into London for a day of sightseeing, with all of us planning to go to the zoo on Friday. Sproglet could barely contain his joy at having two big boys to idolise - he practically didn't say two words to me the whole time Noah (8)and Sam (5) were here. Why talk to boring Mummy when there are so many other more interesting options?

I'd finished the massive clear out cull. It was day 29 of my cycle. Period due. Sore chest? Check. Dull swollen stomach feeling? Nope. Wanting to kill Husband and tear out his eyes to fashion into earrings? Nope. Hmmm... It had been month 1 of trying for baby no 2. Could it have happened that quickly? It did with Sproglet, but really? I know I'd peed on sticks and whooped when the smiley face had signalled all systems GO GO GO! But I wasn't convinced. I nipped to the shops and bought a pack of cheapie tests.

Did the obligatory weeing and waited. Nothing. 3 mins passed and then - a line! A faint pink line. But 3 mins had passed. So... what the hell does that mean? Quick google search revealed that it could just be a fake sign - through 'evaporation.' So - I did the whole process again an hour later. Book was was forgotten in my quest to know for sure. I rang Husband. I could be pregnant. But maybe not. 'Call me when you know for sure.' I could tell he was shaking his head at me.

Second test - oh - hold on. A pink line again. At two mins, but even more faint. Must have been about two mins, or was it longer? Is it evaporation again? No it must be right. Two sticks - two pink lines. Still I wasn't convinced.

After I picked up Sproglet from nursery I bribed him into coming to Waitrose with me and after purchasing his Ben 10 magazine, I bought a digital-no-messing-about-will-tell-you-in-no-uncertain-terms-in-black-and-white pregnancy test that cost a small fortune. By this stage I barely had enough pee left to take the damn test. As Sproglet splashed about in the bath the sign flashed up less than 30seconds in: PREGNANT!

When the flashing finished it stated I was 1-2 weeks preggers. Early days. I was thrilled. I couldn't resist sharing it with my buddy when she got back on a high from her day of touring - having met friendly folk along the way, yes, even in London.

So now I have a secret. One I can't share for another 8 weeks (fingers crossed that all goes well). I'm excited, nervous, thrilled and weeing for Britain already.

It was a sunny Thursday, when only good things happen. And they did.

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Keenie Beanie said...

Yay for bump no. 2! Congrats on your coming arrival.

All the best,
Keenie Beanie