Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Spring clean madness

Shedding is my new addiction. I can't stop. Everywhere I look there is something to be taken apart, de-cluttered and re-ordered. I am like a woman possessed and it feels amazing. For two years I have been working my guts out, with every second away from work devoted to Sproglet, seeing friends, trying to run a home - all the usual. So I have put off unpacking the last ever box underneath the basement stairs from our move. Yes, the move 2 years ago - almost.

But with no full time job - there are no excuses - the time has come for the de-junk. Drawers I haven't opened in the spare room since we put them there have been emptied and the contents pretty much binned. Many spiders are shaking their tiny little fists - all 8 of 'em at me as I have upended their snuggly homes in my utility room. 6 bags of junk went to the skip yesterday. More to follow today. Sentiment has all but gone as I ruthlessly chuck everything - including Sproglet's first b'day cards. I mean why keep them? His first pair of shoes yes, but cards? All my files upon files of me struggling to get presenting work - lists of folk who barely returned calls and their addresses (in the days pre email!) old coats, magazines, notebooks (how many notebooks can one person have??)all dumped. Feels liberating.

Once this streamlining has been achieved I can jump into book land. Clean house, clear mind and all that. Gotta run - laundry cupboard is calling me. Who knew life without work could still be rewarding?!


Anonymous said...

I condensed a spare room into a shoe box - saved the card we gave on his first birthday and his grandparents (who died last year)but got rid of the rest. It also includes my diary from my last year at uni but all the notes have gone.
I have such a bad memory that I really feel a need to keep some reminders to act as prompts or I am scared I will forget the times/people and feelings completely.

Jane said...

Whew, you sound like a hurricane today! Want to come to my house? (USA) :)