Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Nausea and then some

Oh my god this nausea is unbearable. I wake up - nauseous. I shower and dress and it ceases temporarily. I eat, thinking, hey, if I eat, I won't feel nauseous anymore. Wrong! Still nauseous. Oh and then comes my favourite bit - the heartburn. Swigging on Gaviscon and it aint even 8:30am. I seem to (sorry to share) burp more than a barfly on his tenth pint. Apparently ginger helps - so I invested - ginger tea, ginger biscuits, just ginger on it's own. Nope. Nausea goes 'oh you think you can wipe me out eh?' and makes a quick call to the head of Heartburn who agrees to take on the baton of discomfort. So the nausea leaves to be replaced with a raging heartburn! Hurrah! Heartburn punches his card a while later and then good old nausea returns, energised after his little break. This fine cycle of despair continues all day. Punctuated with me trying to eat. But what to eat? When everything SMELLS so strong and is so.... smelly! Everything turns my stomach.

Oh the joy of pregnancy. At 8 weeks. And still I can't share this with you. Better go, my ginger tea feels like I've swallowed a tonne of white wine and my oesophagus is on fire....

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Anonymous said...

Just had this pop up in my google reader! Congratulations, I know this has been a big question mark for you for a while but I hope you can now put those questions aside and look forward to your new bub

Ang x