Thursday, 22 July 2010

It's a girl....

So I had my 20 week scan today and boy did I do some serious buttering up. The poor lady sonographer was powerless against my onslaught of chat and jokes and general banter. Somehow our wedding came up - oh yes, because the baby moved around so much it was impossible to get a good photo of it - I said it was like it's Father - who on our wedding day managed to be in a whole 4 pics of us together. This tickled her.

We checked the baby's brain and heart and legs and arms and face and hands and feet and bum and my eyes were peeled for a penis. I was sure it was a boy and I just wanted confirmation. At one point I was sure I saw a set of balls... The lady wasn't for telling - but right at the end, when she had done all her measuring I said, 'I know you can't tell us, but have you any idea,' and she replied 'I don't know for sure but i think it's a girl.'

Husband swore and then quickly countered this by saying 'oh no, another CM' - but he was grinning from ear to ear. He is a tad concerned how he is going to deal with female nappies as for him wee girls are meant to be all sugar and spice and no wind or poo or stuff. I just was in shock. I had so wanted a girl the first time round I wouldn't even consider the fact it was a boy - and when Sproglet was whipped out of me I lay in shock to know I had a boy. This time round I was so sure I was having another boy, and it really didn't matter as long as the wee one was healthy - but I am kind of bowled over that it is a girl. That I'll raise one of each. I hope to god I don't re-create my Mum and I all over again. Maybe this will help heal me. God, she'll be the apple of her Daddy's eye I just know it. I love Sproglet so much and he is so beautiful and big eyed and sweet and such a lovely kid that I cannot imagine something else being so amazing. But she will be. Wow - a she. I am delighted and a tad nervous and trying to imagine my life with a girl in it - as I am so in the boy zone these days. But most of all I am just grateful - that she is healthy and well and we are so blessed.

Now to deal with Sproglet who only wants a boy... and wants his brother badly. EEK!

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