Monday, 24 September 2012



I know, I know. Am I blogger or what?? I just haven't had a moment. A single moment I swear.

AND my mother in law was here so I should have had like a zillion moments to blog, to bitch, to banter to blather and all other verbs beginning with B that I can't think of.

But my God work was just PUNISHING. Yes in caps. That punishing I swear. And I got ill - I had like a ulcerated stomach (sore) and then ulcers in the mouth, and cold and I just felt shattered. Now I would rather have another C section than have those 2 whopping mouth sores again I tell you. One was like a gaping hole in the side of my tongue and meant I sounded like Chrith Eubank when I spoke. It was all Ths and pluths and no 'S' s. It was bad. Plus I couldn't eat. I was on yogurt for like 3 days. Husband made Mexican food and I cried and ate yogurt because I couldn't chew. I was in agony.

I bought this igloo stuff that seals over your ulcer and is amazing - but being on the side of my tongue it just wore off and then I was spitting out globules of this igloo stuff and every time I moved my tongue (which is involved in even drinking water or saying 'hello') it grazed across my teeth that felt like razors attacking my mouth. It was HELL.

So small a thing and so. much. pain.

I felt spent. Work was relentless and I had no catch up reading time, or work from home days when I can lie in bed, laptop on my tummy, pillows to the eyeballs. Sproglet went back to school, Sproglette started nursery, Husband started new job. There was no time to pee let alone write. Bake off started again on TV - how brilliant is that? And I tried to catch up on all my missed Sopranos. I came off facebook to save time (and plus I started to dislike folk I even like - with all that posturing and showing off and wow my life is so amazing and look at my house/kids/car/holiday/name drop/exciting social calendar - I mean my god IF YOUR LIFE WAS AS EXCITING AS YOU FUCKING MADE OUT YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TIME TO GO ON FUCKING FACEBOOK!!!!). But all I wanted to do was sleep. Or try and go for a run and then get sorted for the next day and read scripts and try and remember birthdays (which I didn't) and do washes and all that blah.

But I am determined to get back on the blogging trail again - there is so much to tell: I am love - totally smitten - yes, with a new show called 'The Audience' - where 50 people - yep, 50 strangers follow you around for a week and solve your dilemma... A-maz-ing. I want them all to come and solve my work dilemma - but that is a whole other blog post.

Bake off - is there a better show ever??? I love Brendan so much - for all his perfect pastry and non soggy bottoms and how much he tries to hold back tears when he wins baker of the week. For my yank followers it is a show called 'The Great British Bake off' and in a twee marquee, in the grounds of a British stately manor, folk bake stuff and compete to win. Sounds inane and dull but in fact is nail bitingly gripping, heart stoppingly pretty and the ultimate in food porn. You know my love of all things cake? I practically wept in waitrose this week when they said they didn't have any 'Queen of puddings' in. It was last weeks challenge you see. Brendan - a queen of puddings if ever there was one - did it magnificently. It is custard, jam and meringue. Genius. What is not to love? And why haven't I stuffed this down my gullet before??

Plus I have new plans, new ambitions all in time for my favourite season - Autumn. Hurrah - a Halloween party for me, I mean my son is planned; My 8th wedding anniversary( that neither of us will remember on the actual day) is coming up and Husband and I are having date day on Fri - when we both bunk off work (taken leave really) and are heading into London to eat at our favourite ever Thai restaurant and then see a movie at Soho curzon cinema. Sans kids!!! Bliss. Cannot wait!

And he has just downloaded Cabin in the Woods so I must away and watch. You know me, I love a slasher horror.

So I am back. Blogging every other day for sure. How you all been?? Did I miss anything - I probably have like one reader left.... So to you humble and loyal friend - hello. I am writing again into the wilderness. Feels good to be back. More to follow....


A said...

Glad to see you back! I'm still reading! X

brittanymum said...

yep glad you're back too ...was starting to get worried there!! lol

jkelsofarrell said...

still here!