Friday, 28 September 2012

What say you???

Ok People, I have news.

No, I'm not up the duff.

A media company contacted me and asked if I'd like to talk about some of products for clients of theirs, on my blog. They'd pay me of course to do so - but trust me, I won't be swanning off to a desert island on it just yet...

I made a rule for myself though. No one wants to read a blog that just endlessly tries to sell stuff - that is never what I wanted my blog to be about or for. So I will only write about things that have a personal resonance with me: things I wish I'd known about when I was going through the hell of breast feeding, or a blow up cow my daughter is obsessed with - that kind of thing. I will mention that the post is sponsored as such - so I won't be tricking y'all along some garden path.

These folk contacted me last week - but I never check my CM email that often - so I only saw it on Wednesday. I would love to blog/write in some way in order to earn a living - I have some plans along those lines - and this is a small step in that direction. I hope you guys will support that and not think I'm selling out/selling my soul/turning into an advert soapbox.

Because you know, I care about what you all think. Loyalty and all that. So if it's ok with you guys, then I'll do it. What say you?


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jkelsofarrell said...

It's becoming the norm. Most bloggers seem to do sponsored posts at least once a week and that's cool. When it gets to be three times a week, though, that gets a bit annoying.