Tuesday, 23 October 2012

DVD giveaway - Hurrah!

So my lovely readers - I have a Halloween treat for you (and I swear on my kids' lives that I am not getting a penny for this post)! I was offered the chance to give something away - and as it is the work of the fabulous Tim Burton - I said yes. Anything to do with movies and I'm on it, like a dog on it's dinner...

I met Mr Burton once (when I say met, I mean I star bothered him at my local cinema and then my Husband dragged me away before Tim and his crazy hair ran for the hills). I've always been a fan of his work - if you haven't seen BIG FISH - go and rent/hire/steal - as it is a work of beautiful whimsy. I love Sleepy Hollow and Mars Attacks - and my son is obsessed with Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factor. Plus he tends to use Johnny Depp in most of his films, in many weird guises - what's not to love?  Anyway, his latest movie is Dark Shadows - which I have yet to see...is it any good?

If you would like to get your mitts on a Blu-Ray Triple Play copy of the movie - answer me this question:

Who is the lead actor in Dark Shadows? Is it:

A. Johnny Lee Miller
B. Johnny Come Lately
C. Johnny Depp

Answer below in the comments section and I'll pick one at random (by getting a workmate to call out a random number) on October 28th!

Mwahahahahahahahahah..... Good luck!


anna brown said...

C. Johnny Depp


Jan Atkinson said...

The answer is Johnny Depp


Lyn B said...

Johnny Depp, ofcourse!

Thanks for the giveaway


Louise Bowman said...

C Johnny Depp

sarahlouisa said...

Johnny Depp


Liz said...


Johnny Depp


Whiskersonkittens said...

Johnny Depp

Anonymous said...

It's Johnny Depp!


brittanymum said...

could only be Johnny Depp !:)

Crummy Mummy said...

Congrats to........................

miramodrusan@gmail.com !

I asked a colleague to call out any number between 1 and 9 inclusive and Kris called out 8.

Thanks for entering everyone and hopefully I can have more giveaways soon! Congrats and enjoy your DVD to miramodrusan.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again!! And to Kris, too!!

Mira :)