Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hello people. How is your day? My house should have a red X on the door - in one corner we have vomiting toddler - a never ending stream of cottage cheese (who knew a bottle produced so much?). In the other - a Husband with a bug (not a good patient it has to be said). Me in the middle with a stonking cold - working from home amidst the lurgys. So you know, I have had better days...

Anyway - I was wondering if I could ask you all a favour? If you have ever enjoyed a post of mine - or more than one - could you sign up and follow my blog? Is just down the page here... yep down yonder. You can sign up as long as you have a google, yahoo or twitter account. If you have signed up already - I owe you a beer (mind you I owe everyone at the mo so you might be waiting a while... but the thought is there). Maybe you have a mate, a co-worker, a mother-in-law, a sibling, a relative who might feel as crummy as I do sometimes - who finds Motherhood brilliant and a ball-ache, all in the same minute. If so - send 'em on over.

I've always written this here blog for myself and to reach out to like minded folk - to find the sublime amongst the ridiculousness of it all... Mainly to vent, as otherwise I'd go crackers in my head... so I'm not doing this for financial gain - never have been. But I would love to blog on sites for a living - or somehow write for a living. I'm not sure how to do this - but I'm sort of feeling through the darkness. I guess - like every mother, I'm trying to find that holy grail between work and life balance - where I work to keep sane (and because there are bills that keep a comin') and where I see my children and not feel enormous guilt. Although when my daughter is doing the impression of the story in Stand By Me (remember the barfarama one?) the guilt kind of goes away and I wish I could jump in my banged up car and speed to work at 80 miles an hour. The commenters are amazing - you all feel very loyal and supportive - and it really helps. Motherhood can be such a lonely old business - that we need all the support we can get. By support I don't mean attending the happy clappy classes with a bunch of uptight competitive women who think singing to a toy monkey is making them a better mother - but hey, whatever works for you. For me, the singing monkey not so much...

So, in case I forget to say it often enough - thanks for reading. CM x 


Whiskersonkittens said...

Dear CM
I have been reading your blog for over a year now - I forget how I came across it but am so glad that I did. I finally signed up as a follower yesterday - long overdue I know. I am not mum except to three cats - but have also been on a rollercoaster of a life for the last two years. I live in hope that something good is round the corner for both of us and all the others out there who feel that their heads will burst if it doesnt like a 'head shaped ' pinata.
Hope your little one and husband are well again very soon.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog after chancing upon it on the recommendation of and I LOVE it. So happy to see you blogging more regularly of late and really believe you could make a go of this writing-for-a-living thing. The issue - always - is how long it will take to ''take off'' really! I work from home on a freelance basis, doing glamorous and challenging things like transcription, proof reading and so on, interspersed with odd bits of market research. I know. It is genuinely a rollercoaster of excitement... but it pays a few bills and keeps me at home with my kids. Like you, I routinely wonder WHY I BLOODY BOTHER when they are being horrific and I am bored and exhausted, but I know deep down that I am extremely lucky and have made the right choice. My husband toils for a regular salary - and does a very decent share of the household / child-related drudge as well - so I am very fortunate to have this choice. I really hope you can give it a go too. Best of luck and keep blogging!

Crummy Mummy said...

Thanks for your comments lurkers of old, new commenters! Thanks for signing up and spreading the word. I appreciate it so much. As an aside, I love York - an in fact with spend Xmas there!

Take care guys, CM x