Monday, 20 May 2013

It would be so nice...

It's been a pretty lucky week in CM land - even though life has been more frenetic than the first 40 mins of Baz Lurhmann film. I won a raffle prize at Sproglet's fair (a meal for 2 at my local - a miracle - I never win anything) and (bonus!) I didn't blind any children whilst painting angry birds around their peepers - as I was on face painting duty at said fair. I've had some cracking job news (more of that in a later post) and am almost ready to pitch another worky thing. So all in all - a better week than most. With that in mind - I purchased a lottery ticket - whilst I was on this winning streak - sure that my numbers were bound come up! I dared to think what I'd splash my cash on, should my numbers (and bonus ball come up). First up would be a glam holiday somewhere fabulous: all blue skies and white sands and cocktails and outdoor baths with flowers across my pillow. Somewhere like this.

Next up I'd need some swimwear. The holy grail of the holiday quest - finding a decent bikini that actually supports me as I fling myself off the diving board - praying my modesty will be preserved. Honestly it frustrates me that there is so little swimwear available for women with boobs. All the pretty little straps and bows and stripes are made for those with bee stings. But for anyone larger than a D cup - the choice is limited. And what's with the padding? Thanks, but I've got enough going on in that department - I don't need the help.

Now my fav products to take on a holiday: number one has to be this - after sun lotion with mozzie repellent. How can you be arsed to slather on after sun and then another dose of anti - mosquito lotion - this beauty does both jobs and is cheap as chips.

Sadly, I don't tan. Husband lies out for 5 minutes and is immediately bronzed, whereas I can lounge for the entire day and at best be 'blotchy.' It's like the sun waits until I have my hand across my face, or am holding up something - and then it strikes - wham! Then I'm left with all sorts of white stripes and odd marks... I'm also allergic to most sun creams, and end up with heat rashes up and down my legs. Nice. So to protect my lily white Irish skin I use Piz Buin factor 30. I love the smell - one whiff and I can hear the sound of the water lapping against the lilo, the brightness of the sun glinting off the pool, the taste of a cold beer and the prickly feel of sun-kissed skin.

Other holiday essentials are intense conditioners, soft beach towels, lip salves, waterproof mascara and a cheap and cheery pair of shades. Expensive sunglasses always break, get lost or are left behind on some greasy bus... never to be seen again. Save yourself the bother and get yourself down to Accessorize and load up. If they last the holiday - brilliant - that's all you need. Asides from a camera, a comfy pair of flat shoes and a great book (Gone Girl was addictive, if slightly cold) the other thing I'd recommend is sturdy luggage. My favourite brand is Samsonite - sturdy and reliable - but just remember to add a ribbon or a tag of some description to your case - so as no one takes yours by accident! Years ago I presented a travel show and went through 3 cases - all cheap and all broken by various airlines as they were chucked unto baggage carousels...

Apart from that a good holiday is all about the company... Whilst I'd love to be going on a great family holiday this year - what I'd most like - is to whisk Husband away for a few days in some tiny costal town - with winding cobbled streets through an old town, some sandy beaches and free pouring bars. Like the time we went to San Sebastian in 2008 - slap bang in the middle of the music festival. We watched fireworks lighting up the sky, swam amongst the tiny fish under the boardwalk, and ate an amazing 8 course meal at 3 Michelin starred Akelarre...  Ahhhh, those were the days.

Sadly, my numbers didn't come up. My winning streak has ended. But until my numbers come up, a girl can dream....


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