Thursday, 23 May 2013

Let it be night....

So the days start getting shorter again in 4 weeks. 4 weeks! But we haven't had freakin' spring yet, let alone summer. The heating is still on full pelt at work (viciously in my case - if I go to turn it off, the radiator howls like a banshee, to the point I have to turn it on again) so I am forced to break out my summer wardrobe - yet, one step outside and it feels like winter. The trick is layering...

However cold it may be, the sun is still a shining (or well, peeking out behind grey clouds) at daybreak - and as the light streams in Sproglette's window - she bounds out of bed, convinced a new day has begun. At 5am! Anything before 7am is cruel, 6am being downright rude - but 5am - the only time one should see 5am is if they haven't been to bed yet... Getting up at this time is merely for radio DJs, fish market workers and postmen. (And what postman do you know that gets out of his scratcher before lunchtime these days? I digress, that is another blog.)  Husband usually gets up with the kids, so this 5am start hasn't been putting him the cheeriest of moods. 

I resolved to sort the problem. My aim - KEEP OUT THE LIGHT. Vampire like keep little Sproglette in the dark for as long as possible. My challenge - find the best blackout blind possible. Problem being - most look pretty darn rank - all wishy washy and white and uninteresting. That is - until I found this place. They do them in all sorts of colours! Green, purple, pink, blue - heck there was even one in sandy sunny yellow! Where was this place when I did up my son's room, years ago? Blinds-2-go is cheap and they sent us fitting instructions that even Husband could use - and this is the man who once asked 'what is the difference between gloss and matt paint?' Sproglette has them in a fetching lime green (not for her the girly pink). Most importantly of all, the Diva now sleeps in until 7:10am - a veritable lie-in compared to the 5am starts... Who knew that one ickle blind could change our lives so dramatically?

Only problem now is that Husband is beyond jealous - as on a whim about 3 years ago, I had our bedroom fitted with white blinds. The plan was to invest in some curtains - but there is always something more pressing to spend our money on... so curtains have been shoved down the list. Husband calls our room 'Abu Dhabi' what with the white blinds, the unbearably hot memory foam mattress, the white walls and the odd heat spots that raise the temperature of the room several degrees. He is insisting our next purchase is blackout blinds 'in any flippin' colour you want' as long as they are blackout.

See what I started? 

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