Friday, 7 March 2008


I had a heavenly moment. The kind of moment that makes it all feel worth it. The wee bunny fell asleep on me tonight; something he hasn't done for months. He grew out of this ages ago - now bouncing round his cot for a while before he finally caves in to sleep. But tonight, after whining through bath time and moaning as I dried and dressed him, I noticed his weary big eyes close a heartbeat too long. He was tired. I scooped him up and curled him into me, smelling his baby clean sweet smell and grabbing his bottle with my free hand. Normally he sits up swigging his beloved bottle during story time, but tonight the sandman was already at the shore and he was too knackered to do anything but lamely touch the bottom of the bottle, as if only to confirm it's existence. He snuggled in to me and supped contentedly. I stroked his soft fluffy hair and marvelled at his perfect long black lashes; curling down his chubby little cheeks - flickering as slumber overtook him. I played with the fine hairs that sweep over his ears, sticking out at odd angles. I kissed his button nose with skin so soft an clean that it shines. I breathed in his scent and felt blessed that I have such a beautiful son. His mouth stopped sucking and went slack. I prised the bottle from his cherubic lips and felt his torso rise and fall with every slow deep breath. He sighed contentedly and turned his head inwardly, wrapped in my warmth. I held him and loved him and never wanted to let go. The blissful moment when he felt a baby again and the only person he wanted was his Mother.

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