Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Don't panic - I'm not about to talk about birth. Christ no! If you recall I don't do birth. Not because it isn't amazing: my friend Eleanor gave birth - drug/air/gas free - last Fri night in 20 mins, with her partner in her lounge, and the midwife hadn't even had time to get there!!! But because in Biology in 4th year we had to watch a video where 'Mary' went through the joys of pregnancy and then splayed her legs and showed us just how precious birth could be. Now Mary needed a good waxer frankly and this alone was enough to put me off - but what followed made all horror movies up to that point seem like an episode of The Magic Roundabout. Mary wailed and howled and pushed and went very red and there was lots of blood and gunk... and then I don't know - I'd hit the floor by that stage. I then faked an asthma attack and disappeared for some fresh air. What I needed was 20 years of cognitive therapy to recover - but anyway, it left such an impression that my birth phobia was perfectly formed and was subsequently enhanced along the way with various other friend's horrific birth stories; full of phrases like '3rd degree tears' 'in surgery for 3 hours' 'stitches that hurt for 6 weeks' '24 hours of pain' etc. I can't even say the word 'dilate' without raising my blood pressure. Truly I was so scared I went to the Docs before I even got up the duff to ask how I could ever get through having a baby without actually having to have the baby. Not that is Irish! Enough of this digression - we are not here to talk birth after all.

It is rebirth I want to dwell on - it is Easter after all. I read over a few posts and my god I sound so moany! This weekend is one for salivating over shiny bulbous eggs ripe for cracking open and guzzling down the sweets inside before devouring the chocolate egg itself. It is also the time that - if we all remember our new testament, and apparently 80% of school kids today have no idea about the Easter story - Christ was crucified and then was reborn. Today was a bit of a rebirth for me - albeit in a small way. A lovely man called Simon came to view my flat. His mate has viewed it already and wanted him to see it as they are thinking of buying it to rent it out. I sold it better than any estate agent has ever done. Simon and said mate are coming back on Friday - if they put in an offer I may just buy them Easter eggs. Plus the job I am after may still be up for grabs... not sure if it is external or internal though - but hey while I don't know - there is hope! Plus my good mate Gerry came round as she is a computer whizz and I am as good at technical stuff as I am at driving... She helped me save stuff on a stick thing and also sort out my blog. She knows stuff, Gerry does. She speaks in a language that is foreign to me with words such as 'codes' 'cookies' 'saver drive' and 'off line editing.' So all in all, a good day. Plus sproglet only watched Monsters Inc on and off 3 times. Husband gave me a loving kiss goodbye as he went to work. I had a good hair day. So much to be thankful for. As my mate Pocket says 'stop worrying about the things that haven't happened yet.' I'm going to make that my mantra and sickeningly try to be ultra positive - at least until after Easter. Until then it's all about rejoicing and rebirth for me... and chocolate.

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