Monday, 3 March 2008


I have a meeting. Not just any old meeting - but a meeting with Mr BBC drama himself! Am excited? You betcha. I even kept my cool this fair morning when small child had a major fist-pounding-the-floor tantrum after refusing his lunch and being denied his crack-like addiction to Bob the Builder. Pity Bob wasn't around to fix the tantrums he creates... Can he fix it. NO HE CAN'T!! Plus I am doing some work with the loveliest man on the planet - Mr Grey as he shall be known - a Lit agent, by reading some of his clients work. He's taking a gander at my penned efforts. So I have a few little rays of sunshine in my otherwise cloudy sky. The wee bunny is asleep. He is refusing all savoury food at present, only opening his trap to whinge, drink or eat chocolate, fruit and nutella. I am hoping that the universe will conspire for me to achieve a job, successful house move, great child care in new area and a flat sale - in that order. Oh and loyal tidy clean tenants too.... I've read 'The Secret' and am pouring out those positive happy shiny rays. Apart from doing my back in after poonami on Wed morning, things are not too bad. Even husband and I have exchanged pleasantries and kisses today. Plus it is Mother's Day on Sun - which I had forgotten actually refers to me too these days. I am getting dim sum at Yauatcha and hopefully flowers - rather than the crap Best one all night shop card and scraggly lilies that were last years token. After the poo hell I survived this week - I am expecting great blooms.

As for the meeting - keep your fingers crossed for me eh?


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