Saturday, 12 April 2008

The nicest thing

Do you know the nicest thing?

I know lying toastie in a warm bed, knowing that you don't have to get up for work has gotta be up there - but the nicest thing for me, was yesterday my friends' reaction to me getting a job - finally.

It was so lovely to text them/ring them with my news and hear their cheery responses. Most phoned - full of pure joy for me. Telling me it was deserved and it restored their belief that if you want anything enough - it can be achieved. It made me gooey and warm inside - and just added to my excitment. I have cried on their collective shoulders; moaned, bitched, vented my frustrations - fed them tedious detail affter detail on my rollercoaster career. They have cajoled, comforted and calmed. My cheerleaders who believed in me and told me that it WOULD happen. They deserve medals themselves.

It really hasn't been the easiest of times - husband never here much, me lonely - chained to a child's routine, in night after night alone, wondering if I will ever work again. Through it all I have tried to appreciate the little things: lying flat with sproglet on the roundabout in the local park, gazing up at the summer sky; reading scripts in starbucks chomping on a muffin; Grazia on a Tuesday; bath times with sproglet; having time to watch what I want on TV; friends making time for me - popping round with thai take-aways, meeting for a cheeky cuppa or a bottle or two of red. I know that with the house move and the new job that life is going to get so hectic I am not going to have enough hours in the day. I can't fecking wait!

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