Friday, 4 April 2008

What's for you....

Hello!!! God it all got a bit dark there for a bit didn't it? It's Friday avo - I can't have darkness on a gorgeous sunny day like today.I've had a lovely day. I met with my friend Maggie - who is radiant, with shiny thick glossy hair, being in the glorious blooms of pregnancy - we went to a cute playpark in posh Hampstead. I think you need a bugaboo to get in - the terrain is rough with a sand pit in the middle - pure off road wheels needed. Sproglet frolicked around, went down the slide backwards on his tummy, ran away from a wee girl who threw sand in his eyes (her Mother was on the phone the whole time and didn't look up once - I was ready to bop her on the head with said phone and tell her to rein in her wild child - I went into full Mama bear mode)and tried to converse with a huge bear shaped bin.

We ate pasta at Carluccios, sproglet covered himself in butter and blue pencil and then he slept peacefully as we wandered down the hill back towards my flat. Girl chat, sunshine on my face, a frappacino and fun with sproglet - I just need some cake and happiness is complete. I received an email today from an old schoolmate - Justine. I haven't seen her since we left school back in... oh too long ago to mention - but she reads this blog and she offered me some great words of wisdom. Basically to dry my eyes and enjoy what I have. 'Tis true. I got a bit wallowy there for a moment. I need to concentrate on what I have rather that what I don't have. I remember once at a party I had - I spent more time wondering where the folk that hadn't turned up were, rather than worry about those that had actually made an appearance. I'm forever getting to one goalpost and then moving it fifty yards away - saying 'I'll be happy if I get there...' then getting there and... you get the picture. Do you ever do this? Come on, make me feel like I'm not alone in this sin! So, the job thing - I'll worry about it next week - and actually instead of worrying (a wasted activity if ever there was one - like snooker) I will just try and do my best and see what comes up. What's for you won't go past you.

On that cheery note - have a good weekend. I'm off to get cake. x

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