Thursday, 5 May 2011

Clear eyes, Full Hearts, Can't lose.

My buddy Pete is coming over for lunch tomorrow - in fact he is rustling up lunch and even bringing it with him. Now I should be excited about this event - he hasn't met Sproglette yet, I haven't seen him in almost 6 months and we used to be day in and day out mutual cheerleaders in the group of swell folk I worked with on a soap. But in fact I am dreading it.

Why? Because he is also coming to reclaim his Friday Night Lights series 2, 3 and 4. Another buddy has season 5 - the last *sobs* series all lined up for me. I remember when a small group of FNL worshippers at work persuaded me to buy the first series box set when I hadn't even heard of the damn show. It barely aired here - after all, it centres around American football - and I still have no idea how it all works.

But I fell in love with Riggins, wanted to be Tami Taylor's best mate - or at least get her to counsel my life, yearned to hang out with Landry's band, or double date with Julie 'n' Matt. As Andy at work said - when he finished series one (in a weekend) he felt bereft. Like he'd been at a party and then the lights suddenly went up and all his buds were gone. I feel like that now; this week I finished series 4 -had an obligatory cry - (there is always a good every in every series; the one where Matt buried his Dad I couldn't see the screen I was doing such awesome weepage) and then felt hollow. Like, what now eh? Don't get me wrong, In Treatment series 2 is on and I've just finished series 1 of The Sopranos (I know, I know, where have I been, The Sopranos is like 10 years old... well, may I join on the bandwagon of Soprano lovers? Better late than never eh?)and Mad Men series 2 is in my basement to be watched as a treat when I work out on the bike - but nothing quite compares to all things Panther.

Why this show wasn't more successful is beyond me. The relationship between the Coach and his wife is the best ever portrayed on screen. Oh to be at a Taylor family Thanksgiving... Great writing, fab acting, engaging storylines, beautiful cast (did I mention Riggins?) - beyond addictive.

Maybe I'll hide the DVDs and talk so much that Pete will forget all about them. But Peter Berg I thank and salute you for turning the movie into the series (and for your cameo in series 2 - genius) - not that I think Peter berg reads this blog much or anything - but I thank him nonetheless. Andy my old mucker from work gave me a fridge magnet he bought in NY as a 'well done on having a baby' gift - and it is my favourite of them all - inscribed with the Panther's motto: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts. Can't Lose.


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Claire said...

Oh no!! Matt buries his Dad?!? Your initial FNL post got my hubby and I into the series, which we'd never heard of, but thankfully since we downloaded season 1 off iTunes, the episodes are here to stay!! ;-)